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If you want to shine by making beautiful gifts, don’t lose sight of the many possibilities that Ikea offers so that the first impact upon receiving the gift is unbeatable . Making a good gift is not just about leaving a lot of money in the gift. Giving away and doing it well is an art that involves thinking well of the person being honored and paying homage to them throughout the process. What includes the packaging or the preparation of the gift. In times of Amazon and fast shipments of El Corte Inglés the chances of receiving wrapped packages is less. And those that include this option are usually in exchange for an extra amount. Therefore, what to make the gift beautiful and make it look like that, a gift involves taking a moment at home. That moment of transforming the Amazon cardboard package into a real gift is essential. Someone who has received the gifts directly from the online commerce giant tells you this and it is something that implies sloppiness that does not go well with the concept of giving. The good thing about this is that Ikea, which always seems to be ahead of our needs, has been including a wide collection of stationery to make beautiful gifts . A collection that also leaves no arguments for those who find it difficult, or an art, to make beautiful packages because the collection includes prepared packages or beautiful bags so that the result is professional, with minimal effort. Winter News 2000 – IKEA Wrapping papers The papers at this time of year become Christmas. That is why they have green and red as main colors and their variety in patterns is great. Not to repeat. The motif of this wrapping paper is inspired by different shaped tree leaves. Therefore, it is ideal to give as a gift on these dates or at other times of the year. The motif of this wrapping paper is inspired by different shaped tree leaves. Gift wrap roll, green leaf motif 3×0.7 m 1,50 euros / 3 m Roll of wrapping paper, beige / red star motif 3×0.7 m / 2. 09 m²x3 pieces 4 euros / 9 m Here trees with different shapes and shades of green. Ideal for wrapping gifts both at Christmas and at other times of the year for 1, 50 euros / 3 m Wrapping paper roll, white / green leaf motif 3×0.7 m / 2. 10 m²x3 pieces by 4 euros / 9 m Wrapping paper roll with white / green mistletoe motif 3×0.7 m 1,50 euros / 3 m Roll of wrapping paper, multicolored Christmas motif 3×0.7 m / 2. 10 m²x3 pieces 4 euros / 9 m A very elegant option is this model with a red / beige striped pattern 3×0.7 m 1, 50 euros / 3 m Paper bags or packages Of different sizes, materials and patterns, you only have to worry about putting the gift inside and closing the package for a result 10. Paper bag, red / brown star motif 18 x 30 cm 3 euros / 12 units Christmas gift bag, heart motif / brown tree motif 20 x 26 cm / 2.5 l 2 euros / 2 units These bags with cheery motifs in red and green are perfect for wrapping homemade and culinary gifts, such as candies of toffee, cookies and marzipan figures and for small details to the children . Paper bag, green / red animal motif 12 x 24 cm 3 euros / 12 units Gift bag for bottle, red / beige star motif 13 x 32 cm 2 euros / 2 units Gift box, blue-gray winter village motif 20 x 20 x 10 cm 2 euros / 2 units Set of three sustainable gift boxes (made from waste) with red ribbons. Gift boxes, set of 3, handmade green / red 4 euros Natural jute gift bag, (set of 3), 3 euros Even the biggest gifts fit in this package. Bag, red Christmas motif 35 x 73 x 30 cm / 77 l 3 euros For smaller gifts. Gift box, mixed shapes / multi-color 13 x9 cm 1 euro / 4 units Gift box, set of 2, by hand tree shape Christmas / green 5 euros Gift ribbons To complete or close the packages you can help yourself with tapes like these. Gift ribbon, natural jute 25 m 2,50 euros / 2 Gift ribbon, white / gold 40 m 2,41 euros / 41 m Gift bow ribbon, green 50 m 3 euros / 50 m A classic, gift ribbon, white / Red 40 m 2,50 euros / 37 m Tags and bows for the perfect gift Very Christmas labels to personalize the gifts. Gift tags, beige Santa Claus motif 1 $ / 12 units Roll of adhesive tape, beige assorted shapes / red 5 m 3 euros Gift bow 12 units in green / red / gold 4 euros Stickers with Christmas motifs multicolored 1 euros / 8 plates It has inspired us: As a gift base, these cardboard boxes that can be put in Christmas mode with ribbons and stickers are also ideal. Belle Vous Brown Kraft Cardboard Boxes (Pack of 50) 7.5 cm x 7.5cm x 3.5 cm – by 13, 99 euros Belle Vous Brown Kraft Cardboard Boxes (Pack of 50) Square with Lid, Hemp Rope and Label – 7.5 cm x 7.5cm x 3.5 cm – Small Kraft Box for Weddings and Party Gifts Christmas stickers to label with a 24% on Amazon. 60 Adhesive stickers for wrapping paper and gift box. Normal Price , 99 $ and now 7, 99 euros JOYIN 60 Pieces Christmas Stickers, Adhesive Gift Tags for Wrapping Paper and Gift Box 120 Parts Kraft paper Christmas gift tags. 12 printable Christmas designs for DIY Christmas with a 29% off. Normal price , 98 $ and now 4, 98 euros 120 Pieces Gift Tags Christmas Kraft Paper Tags with 66 FT Jute Twine String, Gift Tags 12 Printable Christma Designs for DIY Christmas Holiday Gift Wrap Bags Similar in Decoesfera | The best IKEA Christmas decorations for those who do not like Christmas Renovate your home at the best price with these Ikea Family offers