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the alleged arrest of the father and the case of the (non) princesses

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Jessica Selassie is the winner ofl Big Brother Vip. With her, in the Cinecittà House, her sisters Clarissa and Lulù also entered in September, who were eliminated, respectively, in the middle of the course and in the final evening. About the three sisters, who called themselves “princesses” and who before the reality show had only participated in the MTV show Riccanza, media attention has been high from the beginning, especially for that noble title that has been defined by many as fake. So much so that, over the weeks, there was also talk of judicial troubles for the father of the three, who would have been arrested in Switzerland and would find himself in prison. But let’s go in order.

Twenty-seven years old, Jessica triumphed yesterday in the final led by Alfonso Signorini, leaving the actor Davide Silvestri in second position. What was appreciated by the public was her personality respectful of all the competitors and the path of real “flowering” of the young woman, initially very insecure and then getting stronger. But meanwhile, while Jessica was in her House, an uproar erupted outside of her about her family origins.

Who is Jessica Selassie, winner of Big Brother Vip: from age to work to flirting with Barù

“Not one but three princesses will participate in the Gf Vip”, we wrote in September. “I’m Clarissa Maconnèn Hailé Selassié, Jessica Maconnèn Hailé Selassié, Lucrezia Maconnèn Hailé Selassié”. The three, in fact, were presented as great-grandchildren of the last Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassiè. Too bad that things would not be exactly like this.

In fact, in October, one month after their entry to Gf ​​Vip, the “real Ethiopian princesses” appeared: in those weeks it emerged that the three were actually the daughters of an Ethiopian gardener. Gardener who later became a horseman. Until the scoop of the weekly Oggi: his father Makonnen Hailé Selassie Bissiri Aklile Berhan Giulio would not have been the nephew of the Negus, or rather of the Ethiopian monarch, but the son of Beniamino Bissiri, at the time in the service of the Negus in the imperial palace. According to the magazine, upon his father’s arrival in Italy in the 1970s, there was an administrative procedure that ascertained that Aklile Berhan was the son of Beniamino Bissiri.

Woe to the Selassie sisters: the real Ethiopian princesses appear, that’s who they are

“If we weren’t princesses we wouldn’t have come here to spit on us, it wouldn’t have been smart”, they replied in the meantime, trying to defend themselves. Soon, however, Pandora’s box would open. Giulio Bissiri, this is the name of the father of the princesses, would be a serial scammer who would boast, if we can say so, dozens of victims. Carlotta Tedeschi told the weekly Oggi, whose father lost his fortune because of Bissiri.

Aklile Berhan Makonnen Hailé Selassié, 65 – explained the magazine directed at the time by Umberto Brindani – would have been arrested in Luxembourg last June and would have been taken to prison in Switzerland to serve three months in prison.

The father, in fact, although he was really born in Ethiopia, would be the son of an Italian gardener who worked at the Ethiopian Negus palace and treated like the nephews of Emperor Selassié with whom he spent his childhood. Once an adult, the man would then have convinced some legitimate descendants of Hailé Selassié, now poor and on the edge of a broken bank, to sign him a proxy and postpone his “descendants” from the Duke of Harar, the second son of the emperor, managing to have his documents modified and to pass for the third in the Ethiopian imperial succession.

The case was dealt with in recent months by Swiss TV which spoke of the arrest of the man in Luxembourg on the order of the Ticino prosecutor for a scam of over 10 million francs made by offering three phantom investors deals with German bonds dated 1922 and guaranteeing them large rewards. Investors, after bank transfers for several years, then filed a complaint. It should be noted that the man has not yet provided his version of the facts, much less his lawyers.