Jeff Bezos

The 3 reasons why Jeff Bezos is so productive

The richest man in the world shared secrets of his daily routine, which seems contrary to what is normally thought of a successful person to manage his time.

With a fortune of 200,000 million dollars, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world. The American owns Amazon and the Washington Post newspaper , and is the founder of several charities. With all this, it would be believed that the tycoon has so little time a day that he must get up early to be able to face the dozens of responsibilities and demands that can be presented to him in a working day.

However, the richest man in the world maintains a routine that would seem contrary to what is normally thought of as a successful person in managing his time.

Then the three keys by Jeff Bezos is so productive, according to the website Inc.

1. Sleep eight hours a day

Several studies have shown that good sleep is of great importance because it “helps us think clearly, remember information and make good decisions,” according to the National Sleep Foundation . “When we don’t get enough sleep, our decision-making is affected, as is a set of skills that we need to perform well in school, at work, and in all areas of daily life.”

And the owner of Amazon is a fervent believer in this: He goes to bed early and sleeps eight hours a day. “I think better, I have more energy, my mood is better,” said the American mogul.

2. Do not schedule meetings before 10 am

Jeff Bezos is not like classic senior executives who start their workday early in the morning. On the contrary, the tycoon likes to “hang around” in the morning; read the newspaper, have breakfast with your children and drink a cup of coffee.

Apparently, the richest man in the world would be wasting some of his time with his morning routine. However, as Laura Vanderkam of Fast Company asserts, too many morning meetings can be the opposite of beneficial. And that free time in the morning could be invested for more productive work . “Researchers at Johnson & Johnson measured people’s energy levels throughout the day and found that people peak just at 8 am,” explains Vanderkam. “If we have a meeting at 8 am we supplant that time in which we are motivated to start something great, because at that time we are able to execute better decisions.”

In this case, Bezos’ strategy is to start meetings at 10 a.m. and finish them at lunchtime .

3. Make few decisions a day

The owner of the e-commerce giant says his main job is to make a small number of high-quality decisions a day. ” If I make three good decisions a day it is enough, ” he said. “They must be of the best possible quality.”

Bezos refers to a question of quality rather than quantity. Which does not translate to delay in making decisions, but the opposite . As he wrote in a 2017 letter to Amazon shareholders, Bezos believes that for a company to maintain the energy and dynamism of a startup “somehow you have to make high-quality, high-speed decisions. Easy for startups and very challenging for large organizations. Amazon’s senior team is determined to keep our decision-making speed high. Speed ​​is important in business, plus a high-speed decision-making environment is more fun too . “

This is how the richest man in the world works to make his companies successful. “Even though Amazon is a big company, I want it to have the heart and spirit of a small one,” he said.