The 21 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes To Make As A Family -!

One of the things I enjoy at Christmas is preparing homemade sweets to share with the family. At this time my house smells of cinnamon and ginger, a Christmas smell that reminds me that it is a festive time to share.

Recipes of chocolate cookies, with cinnamon, gingerbread cookies or the classic European speculoos , are some examples of the amount of Christmas desserts and sweets that can be prepared on these dates.

That is why we wanted to compile our favorites among all the Christmas cookie recipes proposed by the experts at Directo al Paladar, and which are ideal to prepare as a family, starting with the classic gingerbread cookies.

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Spiced Christmas cookies One of the most Christmas preparations, especially in Northern Europe, is cookie dough with many aromas, spices and a few powerful flavors that combine with honey or nuts. An example of Christmas style cookies could be the gingerbread cookies that we have already told you about, but there is much more.

Lebkuchen cookies or gingerbread figures

When we bake these cookies the spice mix will tell us that it is Christmas , because it will smell all over the house. They are a staple of Central European Christmas pastries with countless variations, although this recipe is one of the simplest and they do not contain eggs or butter. To make the decoration as Christmas as possible, we can get some cookie cutters like these, with more basic shapes like stars and a Christmas tree.

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Gingerbread and honey cookies

Very simple to make and with an unmistakable aroma . These Honey Gingerbread Cookies are a guaranteed win. You can store them in an airtight jar like this one so that they will keep for several days with the perfect texture.

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Honey, cocoa and Christmas spices cookies

This cookie recipe is perfect to take advantage of that jar of honey that they have in the bottom of the fridge and even can be used to decorate the tree if we make a little hole before baking them and we put a rope or thick thread. Although the ideal is to use a mixture of Lebkuchen or spice bread, it can be made homemade, adapting it to taste as they teach us in Directo al Paladar.

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More Christmas cookies:

Speculoos reindeer Molasses and spice cookies Chocolate and ginger cookies Cardamom and cinnamon cookies Snickerdoodles or cinnamon sugar cookies

Traditional Christmas cookie recipes The butter cookies or the classic Spanish sweets such as Murcian cakes, are essential at this time, and their preparation exudes tradition.

Snowflake Cookies

The basis of this cookie recipe is a The most traditional butter dough , to which we give the appearance of snowflakes with the help of icing. We can use snowflake cutters like these to get the perfect shape.

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Scalded cakes

This traditional recipe from Cartagena is one of the heirs of the Arab candy store based on olive oil and nuts . Simple and very grateful, these cookies are a great Christmas gift if we put them, for example, in one of these original boxes.

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Cakes of recao or count

We traveled to Murcia to discover these special cookies, a traditional Murcian Christmas recipe that has as complements the honey and almonds. A classic that we love and with which we will surprise the whole family with a sweet .

Shortbread or Scottish biscuit

Shortbreads have historically been a luxurious sweet reserved for big celebrations like Christmas, Hogmanay (the Scottish New Year’s Eve party) or weddings. And although this recipe is now available to everyone and at any time of year, it is a splendid Christmas option.

More traditional Christmas cookie recipes:

Advent cookies Swiss Spitzbuben Cookies Mailänderli or lemon butter cookies Homemade Petits-beurre, French shortbread Linzer biscuits or Austrian pastries Christmas chocolate cookies We can make cookies with Nutella in the microwave that we will have ready in three minutes, some colorful crackled cookies or some fantastic chocolate shortbread with salt flakes that are blessed glory.

We are amazed by chocolate and all its versatility, and it was essential that it had a small hole in this compilation of Christmas cookies. But if we want them to be very Christmas recipes, there are two that conquer us year after year.

Chocolate and marzipan cookies

Combine the classic marzipan to make cookies is the best idea a pastry chef has ever had. Not only does it help us to take advantage of those remains that will remain after the party but this will become a recipe that you will repeat every year when you try it, little word.

Chocolate and cinnamon amaretti cookies

Gluten free and Italian-inspired , this recipe for cookies with ground almonds is the ideal alternative for those fleeing the more traditional marzipan. They hold up very well for several days stored in an airtight container although yes, if they do not fly before because they are delicious.

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More Christmas recipes In Directo al Paladar we love these parties and we have thousands of recipes for you to be sure in your Christmas meals.

Don’t miss our special with the 215 best Christmas recipes and 16 special menus. And if you need ideas for specific dishes , here is a good starting point:

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