Where do you think it ranks among the 10 richest countries in the world according to the gross domestic product ranking, which is one of the indicators of the economic size of the countries? In the list of European countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg and Norway, there are also Gulf countries that have risen in recent years!

1- United States – $ 57,467

The world’s “superpower” United States of America is also among the richest countries on earth. American companies operating in many branches such as the automobile, food and service sector are especially strong in the field of technology. United States More Relevant News.

United States

2- Switzerland – $ 62,882

Many people think of long-established banks and financial institutions when they say Switzerland. Moreover, the country’s cities such as Geneva and Zurich rank high on the lists for their high living standards. With a gross domestic product of $ 62,882, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, as well as a great place to wander or ski in the unique nature of the Alps. Switzerland More Relevant News.


3- Norway – $ 59,302

The colorful country Norway, famous for its fjords in the north, makes a name not only for its delicious salmon but also for its strong economy. The country’s gross domestic product of $ 59,302 puts Norway at the top of the European and world rankings. Norway More Relevant News.


4- Ireland – $ 68,883

Located in the north of Europe like Norway, Ireland has a very good economy and high standards compared to its population approaching 5 million. While wandering around Ireland, which is particularly strong in the food and textile industries, you can see places where world-famous movies such as Harry Potter were shot. Ireland More Relevant News.


5- United Arab Emirates – $ 72,419

If you want to climb meters above the earth or see the gigantic artificial islands and shopping malls built in the middle of the sea, you can turn your route to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, or to other popular cities in the country such as Dubai. Thanks to oil and tourism, the gross domestic product in the rapidly rising country among the strong economies of the world is $ 72,419. United Arab Emirates More Relevant News.

United Arab Emirates

6- Kuwait – $ 73,817

Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is one of the countries whose wealth is increasing gradually thanks to its oil revenues. In Kuwait, apart from oil, investments in the service sector and technology have been increasing in recent years, and the country’s shores are illuminated with the view of skyscrapers rising one after another. Kuwait More Relevant News.


7- Brunei – $ 77,441

Thanks to foreign and domestic initiatives, Brunei economy is among the countries that are getting stronger. Places such as Sultan Ömer Ali Seyfeddin Mosque and Malay Technology Museum can be seen in Brunei, which is also on the list with natural gas and oil revenues. Brunei More Relevant News.


8- Singapore – $ 87,856

Singapore, the rising star of the Far East, is one of the major economic powers of the region and the world, although it spreads over a very small area. Attracting the attention of travelers with its botanical garden and parks, Singapore is also home to one of the two busiest ports in the world. Singapore More Relevant News.


9- Luxembourg – $ 105,882

The name of Luxembourg is generally associated with economic development and especially the banking sector throughout the world. Its gross domestic product, reaching $ 105,882, makes this small European country one of the richest countries in the world. Luxembourg More Relevant News.

10- Qatar – $ 127,523

Qatar, which will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, is at the top of the world with its gross domestic product of $ 127,523. Although oil revenues are at the top of the factors that increase the level of development of Qatar, the country has reached a much more developed position, especially thanks to the breakthroughs made in the service sector and tourism in recent years. In the capital of Qatar, Doha, you can take a walk in the Corniche area in the evening or wander through luxury shopping malls to discover the richest country in the world. Qatar More Relevant News.

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