That's where schools don't reopen on January 10 – RB

Here is where the schools do not reopen on 10 January – RB

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Here is where the schools do not reopen on 10 January – RB

Here is where the schools do not reopen on 10 January – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Here’s where the schools do not reopen on January 10 – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

This is where the schools do not reopen on 10 January – RB

Omicron is frightening for its very high contagiousness, contagions skyrocket, hospitals begin to suffer strong pressure. At the national level, the data is clear: those admitted to intensive care are for 80% unvaccinated people . Explosive situation, which risks compromising hospital services for all the others, even those hospitalized not for Covid, as is obvious. In some Regions, such as in Piedmont, operations have been stopped and even oncological interventions are skipped.

For this reason, the government has run for cover by imposing the vaccination obligation on the over 50 . All, without discounts. Even if the fine from just 100 one-off $ appears completely useless , for people – i no vax – willing to pay also 200 $ per month for tampons.

Schools closed until 29 January: De Luca’s ordinance for Campania

In this scenario Campania takes off and chooses to run alone . The governor Vincenzo De Luca has decided by order to close schools of all levels . Therefore, schools in Campania do not reopen on Monday 10 January as in the rest of ‘Italy. Kindergartens, elementary, middle and nursery schools remain closed until 29 January.

The situation found in the Campania region corresponds to the case, according to the ordinance, of “circumstances of exceptional and extraordinary necessity due to the onset of outbreaks or the extremely high risk of spreading the Sars-Cov-2 virus or its variants in the school population “, in the presence of which, in balancing the constitutional right to health and that to education, for the Regions that are not located in the red zone, exceptions are allowed to carry out in the presence of educational and school activities .

The Omicron variant is “extremely” widespread in Campania : the waste water samples attest that the Omicron variant is extremely widespread on the regional territory, to a much higher extent than the national average, with a consequent large speed of spread of infections.

The Covid situation in Campania: alarming data

While from Monday 10 January ben 15 Regions are located in the yellow zone, the Rt Campania is currently equal to 1, 61 , with surveillance indicators who design a type 4 cenario for Campania, with an overall incidence of 1. 511 out of 100 thousand inhabitants, and with projection of more than double, with Rt equal to 2, 25 for next week, resulting in a huge increase in the impact on Covid hospitalizations.

The Campania Region crisis unit reported that in the last two weeks the infections have increased considerably in the 0 range – 44 years and deaths are also on the rise. The circulation of the virus in young people is now extremely wide.

The Campania Region crisis unit reported that, with reference to the number of subjects currently positive in the age group 0 – 19 years , there is a increase of approximately 30% compared to the past few weeks. At the closing of the schools for Christmas 118 school outbreaks had been detected and a total of 9. 781 outbreaks in the week 27 December 2021 – January 2 2022, of which new outbreaks in the last week equal to 6. 963.

The problem is also that in the Neapolitan region there is a significant increase in hospitalizations in the pediatric range , mainly for positive patients symptomatic under the age of 10 years, whose number has doubled in 10 days. In addition, there is considerable access, approximately 70 per day to the emergency room of the Santobono pediatric hospital, of children of the same age group. age, positive, with milder symptoms that are therefore sent back to the home.

Sources of Palazzo ChigiIl have made it known that the provision signed by De Luca will be challenged .