How you can delete your account from Telegram application. With the help of Telegram account deletion link, we will provide information for issues such as closing the account. Telegram is a social media application that offers multi-platform support and enables secure messaging. You can create groups for yourself via Telegram and allow you to share pictures and videos. If you are looking for a Telegram account deletion link for any reason, we will give you a place for you and talk about the actions you need to do.

Delete Telegram Account

In this video I show How to Delete Telegram Account. Step-by-step instruction.

How To Do With Telegram Permanent Account Deletion Link?

If you want to permanently close your Telegram account, this process is not that difficult. You have to make a definite decision as it will not be reversed just because you have done this process. You cannot restore your permanently closed telegram account. If you are firmly committed to your transaction, you can reach the required account deletion page by clicking HERE.

The action you need to do on the page that appears; Type your registered phone number in the mobile phone field and press the confirm button. Afterwards, you will receive a “code” related to closing your account. After entering the code, indicate your reason in the field where the reason for deletion is asked. Then click on “Yes” or “Yes” button and confirm. Telegram account is deleted permanently successfully.

Telegram Account Deletion IOS – iPhone

Easy to follow tutorial on deleting your Telegram account! Don’t use Telegram anymore and want to delete your account ? Learn how to permanently delete your Telegram account now!


  1. I’m going to show you two different ways to do this. The first option is to delete your account using the self destruct feature. Using this option is good if you feel like you may change your mind about deleting your account. If you do change your mind you can just log in again and your account will be there and the self destruct timer will reset itself.
  2.  To set the account self destruct timer go to the homepage of telegram and tap on the menu hamburger in the top left corner.
  3. Tap on settings. Then tap on “privacy & security”
  4.  Scroll down to advanced. Tap where it says delete my account if away for 6 months. And change the setting to one month. Your account will now delete after one month of inactivity, if you login again the timer will reset to one month again.
  5.  If you want to delete your telegram account immediately then follow the next steps.
  6.  From the telegram homepage tap on the menu hamburger from the top left. Then tap on telegram FAQ from the bottom of the list.
  7.  Scroll down to the your account section and tap on ‘delete your telegram account’.
  8. On the article that loads, tap the link for the ‘deactivation page’.

The delete account form will load. Enter your number in international format and tap ‘next’ to continue.

  • Telegram will now send you a direct message containing a confirmation code. Copy the code and go back to the web form.
  • Paste the confirmation code and then tap ‘sign in’.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘delete my account’ , on the popup, tap ‘yes, delete my account’ again.

The things that IOS-iPhone users need to do in order to receive the Telegram application are as follows;

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Click on the ≡ mark in the upper left of the interface.
  3. Click Settings according to the settings or user language.
  4. Click Privacy and Security.
  5. Click on “If you are away for” under the Delete My Account tab and select 1 month.

When 1 Month is selected, if you do not log into your account for 1 month, your account will be automatically closed.

Telegram Account Deletion PC

If you want to delete the Telegram application on the computer, you can close it using the link we have given above, or in the same way, you can enter the settings from the ≡  section and close the account from the privacy and security section. The simplest way on the web is through the Telegram account closure link, so you can close your account without wasting any time by clicking the link and filling in the necessary information.

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently on Android and PC

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently on Android Phone and Computer! How to Export Data from Telegram Account. Learn how to delete Telegram account permanently on phone and PC.

Telegram Account Deletion Android

If you use Telegram on Android Device and want to delete your account, the steps you need to do are as follows.

  • Click ≡ on the top left and go to Settings, that is, Settings.
  • If you have come to the Settings section, click on Privacy and Security here.
  • Open the Telegram application.
  • Then click on the “If you” are away for “text under the Account self – destructs section, click on the 1 month option and exit the account after the transaction.