Team Viewer Free Download – Remote Desktop Sharing Program, TeamViewer is a program that helps you control remote computers.

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TeamViewer can be defined as a remote desktop program that offers users a very practical solution for remote computer control .

Distributed completely free of charge for personal and non-commercial use , TeamViewer basically helps you control your computer from your mobile devices or other computers when you are not at your own computer. Operating over the Internet connection, the software creates a bridge between two computers or a mobile device and a computer and enables you to manage different computers as if you were controlling your own computer.

TeamViewer can be used in many different scenarios. You can end the file downloads that you have left open on your computer by tracking them from different devices through TeamViewer, or you can start new downloads. If a webcam is connected to your computer, you can view the image of this camera from other computers or mobile devices via TeamViewer and turn your computer into a security camera. You can use TeamViewer to help users who have problems with their computers, you can reach their computers to correct errors, and provide software support.

TeamViewer allows file transfers . In this way, you can send and receive files between 2 computers or between mobile devices and computers. In addition, the program also enables voice and video chat between devices .

General Features of Teamviewer:

– One solution for all different scenarios such as remote maintenance, meetings, presentations, access to remote computers and servers, support, management, sales, teamwork, home office and training needs in real time.

– It can be used in all operating systems of Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone / iPad and Android thanks to its support for cross-platform connections.

– Even if there are firewalls and proxy settings, it works without being attached to them and without any additional configuration.

– It allows you to instantly see and hear the music, videos and system sounds played on the remote computer.

– Ability to record with audio and video of meetings held via remote desktop Also, the ability to convert to AVI format thanks to the integrated converter.

– The ability to connect with computers and anyone in your contact list with a single click, in other words, fast management of your contact contacts.

– A chance to instantly check who is online from the users or people on your list.

– Group chat and offline messaging with instant message function with users on your list.

TeamViewer is a must-have program if you want to keep your computer under control at all times. The fact that the program is both free and in English is a big plus.

  • Stylish and English interface.
  • Fast installation and easy to use features
  • Mac, Linux and Mobile support
  • Support without installation

There may be setbacks when using technology. Computer problems, system crashes, and device malfunctions can cause business to stop. IT professionals do not want to waste time and increase costs by providing on-site service; they prefer to use TeamViewer ™ instead, thus providing remote support to their customers wherever and whenever. Securely connect to computers remotely, access files and applications, and solve problems – right when your employees and customers need help.

What Can TeamViewer Remote Support Tools Do For You?

IT support service providers and corporate help desk technicians rely on TeamViewer remote desktop support to:

  • Assistance to home workers, satellite staff, customers or partners, business travelers
  • On-site operation, face-to-face service calls and maintenance that saves time and eliminates travel expenses
  • Reducing the risk of shipping damage to desktop and laptop computers sent for repair
  • Improved resolution speed at first call

Do your friends or family need computer support at home?

With TeamViewer‘s free, non-commercial software, you can solve the computer problems of your parents and friends. Troubleshoot their technology wherever they are.

Installing the software before calling for support. Opening firewall ports. Telling people where to click. Configuring computers and routers. You don’t have to go over obstacles to provide remote support to your users. Your only focus is on providing IT support. Quickly. Easily. Safely.

With TeamViewer‘s remote support platform, you can connect to your employees ‘and customers’ computers whenever they need help.

  1. No need to install software in IT management beforehand to get remote support
  2. No complicated steps for people to get support
  3. No need for VPN
  4. No port configurations
  5. No firewall issues

Your customers or employees simply click the TeamViewer QuickSupport link and run the application on their computers. That’s all; Everything is ready for instant remote support. DOWNLOAD