Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … which kitchen robot to give (us) this Christmas?

Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … what kitchen robot to give (us) this Christmas?

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz.com News site! I will present you all the details of Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … which kitchen robot to give (us) this Christmas? here.

Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … what kitchen robot give (us) this Christmas?

Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … what kitchen robot to give (us) this Christmas? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … which kitchen robot to give (us) this Christmas? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Taurus, Cecotec or Kenwood … which food processor give (us) this Christmas?

If we want to surprise someone very important to us and give us the budget, a gift that will surely not leave you indifferent is a robot kitchen . An ally in the routine of daily menus, which surely makes the life of the kitchen manager at home much easier.

In Amazon we have found a whole selection of this small appliance, previously suitable only for great chefs and now within the reach of our pockets and these are our favorites:

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Cecotec Mambo 10070

We start with a national design bet, this Cecotec Mambo 10070 that has up to 36 functions in addition of Turbo function. It comes with a high-precision scale that weighs the food we put into the jug (made of high-quality, water-resistant stainless steel that can be washed in a dishwasher).

One updates to this 10070 compared to its predecessors, it is a calorific power ranging from 0 to 10 levels simulating a traditional fire with soft, medium or strong flame. In addition, it also includes a two-level steamer with a large capacity to be able to steam without limits. All this by 399 269 euros.

Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot 7400. MamboMix Spoon, 36 Features, Built-in scale, 3.3L stainless steel jug, Dishwasher safe

Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition

In the upper end line, we have this Taurus MyCook Touch Black Edition. A new version of the brand’s classic but finished in glossy black ABS plastic certified for food contact, instead of stainless steel.

This model includes: touch screen, Wi-Fi connection to be able to connect the robot to your mobile or tablet and thanks to its app program the recipes or plan the shopping list, manual mode for which you do not need internet access, accessories for steam cooking and everything you need to knead, grind , mount, etc. We can find it on Amazon where it has an average score of 4.3 stars for 890 577, 69 euros.

Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition – Kitchen Robot with wifi, 1600 W, 2L, up to 140 º, multifunction, thousands of free and unlimited recipes, mycook app, connectivity with your smartphone, Steamer, Black

Aigostar Power Cook

The cheapest of all this compilation, but no less interesting is this Aigostar with four automatic operating programs: soup, desserts, slow cooker and dough. It also has up to 12 pre-programmed functions to forget about complications and even 36 recipes.

It has a total capacity of 1, 75 liters, a power of 1200 W and up to six different speeds. In addition, we can find it very discounted today on Amazon for only 140, 99 109, 99 euros (we must select the discount of 30 euros direct under the price).

Aigostar Power Cook – Multifunction kitchen robot, 1200 W, 12 programs, 36 electronic recipes, 6 speeds, stainless steel jug of 1,75 L dishwasher safe, temperature from 37 to 120 ºC.

Taurus Mycook One

One of the most interesting proposals in relation quality-price ratio is this Taurus One that barely exceeds the 300 euros. This model has more than 20 functions, including Turbo, it also allows cooking on four levels thanks to the two-level steamer, the rockrose and the basket that it incorporates. Comes with a book of more than 7400 recipes and through the MyCook App we can consult them all and many more.

Taurus Mycook One – Multifunction Intelligent Kitchen Robot, 1600 W, 2 liters, mycook App with Thousands of Recipes, 10 Speeds, steamer, cookbook, Gray Trim, Plastic | Stainless Steel

The power of this stainless steel One is 1600 W and features 10 different types of speeds. We have it on sale today for 599 379, 89 euros.

Kenwood KCook

Finally, one of the favorite kitchen robots on Amazon, this Kenwood, a small appliance that allows us to slice, cut and grate directly in the cooking bowl (includes 5 cutting discs), also steam cook and prepare four recipes at the same time (even stir-fry) .

Kenwood KCook Multi CCL 401 WH – Kitchen Robot, 1500 W, Up to 180 ªC Temperature, Capacity 7.2 L, Includes Bowl 4.5 L, 6 Predefined Programs, Included Accessories Set, Easy Use

Those who have few notions of cooking are sure to They find its 6 predefined programs interesting, in addition, it is completely disassembled to be able to wash the accessories in the dishwasher. We have it reduced by 735 (https://amzn.to/3dHGCE7) ## Featured Products And you are encouraged to take advantage and launch yourself to try new recipes, we leave you three products for sale on Amazon that are not only on sale, but will make our lives easier. Favorite oil-free fryer: The Aigostar, one of the best rated in its category, with 1. 500 W power per 59, 99 euros [59,99 euros] (https://amzn.to/3nopxUp).

Aigostar Oil Free Air Fryer

The kitchen robot Cecotec’s highest rated multifunction : the Mambo 1009, a way to save time (and effort) in the kitchen, which now We found it lowered by 399 euros 299 euros .

Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot

The Echo Wizard 4th generation Dot with 6 months of free Amazon Music: Perfect to help us with our daily routines, from checking the news, listening to music or even guiding us while we prepare the most delicious recipes today by 109, 99 41, 99 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Anthracite Fabric + Amazon Music Unlimited (6 months FREE with renewal automatic)

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