Tarkov download slow

Tarkov download slow

Tarkov download slow; Command:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

For People wondering what this command does, this command basically turns an inbuilt feature within windows off and on again. For people running an old system, this command can potentially cause more problems. If by the rare chance it does, simply type the first command shown and not the second one and it should be resolved. If you have any other problems, just comment and i’ll resolve them for you.

Tarkov download slow

I’ve done a lot of research trying to fix this issue as my download speeds were unbearably slow. I’ve found a solution that a lot of people have confirmed that it works so here’s my solution:

Fellow Australian here. Just went to re-download the other day and found this same issue with the download speed. Less than 400kb/s download from both their launcher, and the manual client download link they sent me. Then suddenly they want personal information from me about my location and such. No way I was going through all that bullshit just for them to keep copy-pasting

You are an absolute Maverick, good sir! Nothing I found online worked and as usual, BSG support is no help at all. This worked instantly.

With your fix, I’m back to regular download speed through the launcher. Cheers brother! I’ll try to spread it around, as well as giving credit where it’s due

How do I change my tarkov download speed?

You can limit download speed in the Application Settings window (the button with the gear icon in the upper right corner of the MGLauncher). In the menu on the left, select Downloads, then Limit download speed, and then enter the upper limit you want to set in kilobytes per second.

Slow download speeds on EA Desktop

It might be a program running in the background causing the download to slow down. Can you try a clean boot and then immediately launch EA Desktop as administrator? Let me know if you see any changes.

What should I download tarkov on?

To download the game, you need to go to your profile page at https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/. On the profile page, at the bottom there is an “install” button, by clicking on which, you will download the Launcher, which is necessary for downloading, updating and running the game.