Targeted by accusations of harassment, Meghan Markle would have “made Kate Middleton cry” during a conflict on this subject

Targeted by accusations of harassment, Meghan Markle would have “made Kate Middleton cry” during a conflict on this subject, According to presenter Kirstie Allsopp, the two duchesses would have argued in May , over the accusations of harassment made by employees of Kensington Palace against the former actress.

They would have argued for the first time, in May 2018, on the Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid outfit . And would have fallen out again a few days later, at the dawn of the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle . To the point that the Duchess of Sussex would then make Kate Middleton cry , revealed the British host Kirstie Allsopp in the columns of Telegraph , Friday, December 3. According to the presenter of the reality TV show “Location, Location, Location”, the wives of princes Harry and William would have one day discussed the accusations of harassment made by employees of Kensington Palace against Meghan Markle. A conversation that would have quickly escalated.

“Kate has lost control” “Kate never gets carried away, but she found out Meghan was rude to Kensington employees and she was angry with her,” said Kirstie Allsopp, daughter of Camilla from Cornwall’s childhood friend . Before adding: “Then Kate burst into tears, because she had lost control. She later offered flowers to Meghan, to try to fix the situation. ”

The Duchess of Cambridge had been informed of these accusations of harassment by email. Jason Knauf, former head of the communication department of Kensington Palace, had indeed put together a file highlighting the allegations against Meghan Markle. He had then sent it to Prince William’s private secretary. A set of documents in which an anonymous member of the palace claimed in particular that the Duchess of Sussex “made fear reign” within her teams.

video, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: chronicle of an announced disgrace The response of Meghan Markle Three years later, the Sun revealed that an internal investigation had been opened by Buckingham Palace. For her part, Meghan Markle had firmly denied these accusations of harassment in an official statement. Archie and Lilibet Diana’s mother said she was “saddened by this latest personal attack, especially as she herself has been bullied and is deeply committed to supporting those who have suffered suffering and trauma. “. Her spokesperson maintained, at the same time, that the Duchess of Sussex was the subject of a vast “smear campaign.”

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, at the same time, Meghan Markle also denied having made Kate Middleton cry as part of the fittings of bridesmaids’ dresses. “The opposite has happened,” she assured. Before clarifying: “A few days before the wedding, she ( Kate Middleton, Editor’s note ) was upset by something that concerned the bridesmaids dresses, and that made me cry (…) There was no confrontation, and I don’t think it’s fair to her to go into the details, because ‘she apologized, and that I forgave her. What was difficult to overcome was being blamed for something that not only hadn’t I done, but happened to me. ”

To listen to: the editorial podcast Les collants de la discorde In May 2020, the magazine Tatler revealed the real object of this first argument: Princess Charlotte’s tights . “It was hot and, apparently, there was a debate on whether the bridesmaids should wear tights or not, then explained a source close to the duo. Kate, who followed protocol, felt they should wear it. Meghan didn’t want it. ” The Duchess of Cambridge would then have burst into tears for the first time. A story that a Kensington Palace spokesperson was quick to deny.