20 Surprising Facts About Warren Buffett, One Of The World’s Richest Men; The first stock 11-year-old alan, shares 85% donated to charities, investment legend Warren Buffett is a successful businessman and philanthropist in history as we have compiled Amazing Facts about that prints.

20 Surprising Facts About Warren Buffet

#one. He bought his first stock at the age of 11.

Buffett bought $ 38 in City Service Sector stock in the spring of 1942 while his peers were reading comics.

#2nd. When he was 16 years old, he had saved 53 thousand dollars.

Since his youth, he has become not only a man who knows how to behave, but also a very hard worker. When his family moved to Nebraska-Omaha, he earned $ 175 a month as a distributor of The Washington Post.

He also did additional work such as used golf balls, selling stamps for collectors, and car washing. By the time he was 16, he had saved $ 53,000.

#3. It was rejected by the Harvard Business School.

Buffett applied to Harvard Business School after graduating from the University of Nebraska in 3 years. Disappointed, Buffett learned that Benjamin Graham, known as the “father of investment,” and successful economist David Dodd were professors at Columbia Business School.

Buffet said in an interview, “I wrote a letter to them in August and said,” Dear Professor Dodd, I thought you were dead, but I learned that you are alive and teaching at Columbia, where I would love to come. ” And they accepted me! “

#4. He likes to eat like a 6-year-old.

According to Buffett, the secret to staying healthy and looking younger for her age is Coca-Cola and ice cream.

In an interview with the economy magazine Fortune, Buffett said, “25% of my body is Coca-Cola, if I eat 2700 calories a day, a quarter of it is Coca-Cola, I drink at least five bottles a day.” says.

Saying that he loves fries very much, Buffett says “sometimes I start the day with french fries and soda or a bowl of ice cream”.

When asked how he could stay healthy with such a salty and sugary diet, he said, “I checked the statistics and found that 6-year-olds had the lowest mortality rate. That’s why I decided to feed like a 6-year-old, ”he replies.

#5. He has been living in the same house since 1958.

You would think of a billionaire with mansions, vacation homes, and expensive cars. Buffett was never like that. (Maybe that’s why the business world was so affected by it.)

Buffet lives in his 5-bedroom house in Omaha, which he bought for $ 31,500 since 1958.

# 6. His father-in-law told him he would fail.

In 1951, his wife’s father asked him to come to meet. His father-in-law did not believe in Buffett’s plans for the future and said he would fail.

Buffet quoted his father-in-law’s words in an interview with CNBC, “I just want to rid you of your worries. You will fail. And my daughter may go hungry because of her failure. However, I will not blame you for that. “

#7. People sacrifice millions to have lunch with him.

Who wouldn’t want to have lunch with an investment genius? There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn from him. That’s why investors can sacrifice $ 3.4 million to have a lunch with him.

Since 2000, auctions have been held on eBay for the right to have lunch with Buffet. An unidentified person won the auction in 2016 with 3.4 million. A total of $ 20 million has been obtained from all the auctions held so far. All of the money was donated to GLIDE, a San Francisco-based charity.

#8. Buffet earned $ 37 million every day in 2013.

By the end of 2013, Buffett’s fortune had increased from $ 46 billion at the beginning of the year to 59 billion. Buffett earned an average of $ 37 million each day in 2013, driven by rising stock prices.

#9. He earned about 94 percent of his fortune after the age of 60.

Success comes at any age. Although Buffett was extremely successful before the age of 60 (at the age of 52, he had a fortune of $ 376 million), he made about 94 percent of his fortune after the age of 60. At the age of 60, his fortune was worth $ 3.8 billion.

#10. He has never posted a tweet before.

Although Buffet has a Twitter account (@WarrenBuffet) with over 1.25 million followers, he has only 9 tweets and none of them were written by him.

#11th. Buffet has 20 suits for which he does not pay any price.

Buffet has 20 suits, all made by designer Madam Lee. The suits have a very interesting story.

Buffet tells the story, “During a business trip to China, as soon as I entered the hotel where I was staying, two men came to me and started taking my measurements. They showed me a catalog and some sample designs and they said Madam Lee wants to gift you a suit. ”

Buffet accepted the gift before meeting Madame Lee. His designer, whom he met later, gave him 19 more suits over time. Lee attended some meetings with Buffet, greatly expanding his clientele of successful names such as Bill Gates.

#12. He spends 80 percent of his day reading.

When Buffet said that he started reading the newspapers as soon as he woke up, when asked about the secret of his success, he pointed to a pile of books and said, “I read 500 pages every day. This is how information works. It accumulates just like compound interest. ” he replies.

#13. Buffet will give an employee $ 1 million each year for the rest of his life.

Buffet told CNBC that he has “held a competition among its employees since 2014 and pledged to give $ 1 million each year for a lifetime to an employee who knows the best 16 teams of the year designated by the NCAA” .

So far, no one has been able to make $ 1 million by correctly guessing all 16 teams. However, Buffet gave 50 thousand dollars each to the two employees who came closest to the award in 2016 and made an equal number of correct predictions.

#14. He uses a Nokia keypad phone.

In an interview with Piers Morgan of CNN in 2013, Buffet made candid statements on everything from politics to parenthood and technology. Among these explanations was that he was still using a Nokia branded keypad phone. “This phone was gifted to me by Alexander Graham Bell,” he even said in the interview. He also made a joke.

#15. Every Sunday he takes a lot of kids to the fast food restaurant chain called Dairy Queen.

Buffet takes 12 children to Dairy Queen, one of its partner companies, every Sunday. He asks them about their views on life and how they can live without technology because they live almost stuck to cell phones.

#16. He only sent an e-mail once in his life.

Buffet claims that he only sent one e-mail in his life, which was concluded in federal court.

Buffet told CNBC, “My close friend, former Microsoft executive Jeff Raikes, asked me by e-mail,“ Why didn’t he use Microsoft, which is doing great work, ”and I told the e-mail that I explained in full detail why I didn’t use Microsoft. I sent it as an answer. But the US government considered the email “written to support Microsoft’s position in the economy,” and the matter went as far as the federal court, “he says.

#17. It plays the ukulele (an instrument similar to a guitar but much smaller).

“When I was 18, I liked a girl named Betty Gallagher,” Buffet said in an interview on Radio Nebraska. However, at the time, Gallagher had a boyfriend. To impress Gallagher, I had to do something that her boyfriend couldn’t do. “I learned to play the ukulele too,” he said.

#18. Buffett pledged to donate 85 percent of Berkshire Hathaway shares to charities.

Beyond being a successful investor and business manager, Buffett is a great philanthropist. In 2006, he pledged to donate 85 percent of Berkshire Hathaway shares to five charities in 2006, and he fulfilled his promise.

Buffett donated $ 2.86 billion of Berkshire Hathaway shares to five foundations in July 2016. One of these foundations was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which helped people in need around the world. He also donated $ 2.8 billion to these foundations in both 2014 and 2015.

#19. He was awarded the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” by Barrack Obama.

Buffet was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the most honorable medal awarded to a civilian for donating more than $ 2 billion to charities by former President Barrack Obama on February 16, 2011.

#20. Buffet is the most successful investor among legendary investors.

Warren Buffet, 86, holds the best records in the market among the world’s largest investors, from Charles Munger to Peter Lynch.