Surprise from a distance: 15 gifts to send to those you can't see

Surprise from a distance: 15 gifts to send to those who do not see

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Surprise at a distance: 15 gifts to send to those who do not see here.

Surprise from a distance: 15 gifts to send to those who you do not see

Surprise from a distance: 15 gifts to send to those who do not see We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Surprise from a distance: 14 gifts for send to those who do not see Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Surprise from a distance: 15 gifts to send to those who do not see

Sometimes it happens: we have to give away to people who, unfortunately, we cannot see in person . Either because of the pandemic, because our loved one lives far away or for any other reason, now giving gifts from a distance is easier and more effective than ever .

How can we do it? One option is to buy the object in question, wrap it at home and send it through a specialized agency. Another alternative that facilitates the process is to purchase the product through a website, specify that it is a gift and wait for the package to arrive at its destination wrapped in a very special way. Take note of these proposals for foodie lovers , lovers of beauty or music lovers.

Gifts in code gourmet

One of our favorite proposals is the boxes with drinks or food. For example, at the El Corte Inglés Gourmet Club we find varieties ranging from champagne to panetonne. For tastes, colors.

Champagne rosé Veuve Clicquot Brut case. “Salmon color with coppery flashes. Very expressive on the nose with red fruits, notes of nuts and pastries. In the mouth harmonious, fresh and with a succulence based on red fruit jam”. 54 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Champagne rosé case Veuve Clicquot Brut

Case with half pieces of Iberian pork loin, chorizo ​​and acorn-fed Extrem Puro Extremadura limited edition by Cachete Jack. 79, 90 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Case with half pieces of loin, chorizo ​​and Iberian acorn-fed sausage Extrem Puro Extremadura limited edition by Cachete Jack

Matías Buenos Días is a classic when we think of sending an original box to your home. Within its special catalog for Christmas this box stands out with champagne Moët, nougat and jam . 55, 41 euros.

Dolce & Gabanna proposes this panettone agrumi from Sicily which is presented in a beautiful box that can serve as decoration or to store everything we want in the kitchen. 32 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Panettone by Dolce & Gabanna.

Gifts for music lovers

Those who adore the music and spend the day listening to their reference groups for sure they will appreciate a new pair of bluetooth headphones or a vintage-style turntable.

White or Black Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones from Nothing. 99 euros.

Pioneer “Style” Series Headband Headphones with Microphone for Hands-Free Calling. 89 euros on Amazon.

Pioneer SE-MS7BT, Headband Headphones (HiRes, Power Bass), Cable / NFC / Bluetooth, 25. 5 x 20 x 12 cm, Brown

Vinyl turntable, model NKW, with three speeds 34 / 45 / 78 RPM. 74, 99 euros on Amazon.

Vinyl Record Player, NKW Bluetooth Record Player and Digital Encoder with 3 Speeds 33 / 45 / 75 Built-in RPM 2 Stereo Speakers Aux- In RCA -Brown

Gifts for those with a weakness for beauty

Beauty and personal care firms turn to the Christmas thanks to the launch of packs that fall in love with its interior and exterior . Dior or Lush offer options for those who adore the self care .

J’adore pencil case from Dior. Includes J’adore Eau de Parfum and J’adore Sublime Body Milk. 62, 95 euros in Druni.

Solid Routine by Midnight Cosmetics in collaboration with Miranda Makaroff. Includes a shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, and soap. 45, 20 euros.

Relax more pack by Lush with 10 products to promote sleep and rest. 75 euros.

Gifts for fashion fans

Now, we are talking about those gifts that we can send to a true fashion lover. A great option for these dates is a set of red underwear to favor luck on New Year’s Eve or a timeless leather bag made in Spain, a classic that should never be missing from a wardrobe.

The Alterisco firm proposes the Royal pack, which includes a ring and a bracelet . 74, 95 euros.

Mauska signs this bag made of leather in Spain that can be worn in two positions: shoulder bag style or fanny pack. As your gift prefers. 253 euros.

Finally, a great set for New Years Eve signed by Sloggi. The bra is priced at 41, 19 euros and the panties cost 18, 49 euros on Amazon.

Sloggi S Seven P Padded Bra, Mars Red, XS for Women

Sloggi S Seven High Leg Brief Closure, Mars Red, M for Women

Gifts for those who spend hours in front of the TV

Finally, we propose a gift for those who love to watch premiere movies or the best series of the moment: subscription to a platform of streaming such as HBO or Prime Video . HBO costs 69, 99 euros for a whole year and Prime Video are 36 euros .

Subscribe to HBO Max one year for 69, 99 euros and pay 8 months instead of 12

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy free shipping and all Prime Video content for only 36 euros per year.

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