Or will you attend a private event? Then be sure to check out these ponytail models to inspire you!

We love the timeless and always perfect ponytail models . If you want to dazzle with your stylish ponytail model on special nights, you should take a look at the following hairstyles. Thanks to these practical and elegant models, you can be the star of the night.

Stylish horsetail models

Stylish ponytail models for special nights

If you like elegant ponytail models, we recommend that you collect your hair at the back of the neck. You should not forget to apply hair care oil to the length and ends of your hair so that your hair shines brightly all night long. Another feature of the hair care oil is that it prevents the hair strands from becoming electrified. What more do you want?

Stylish ponytail models for special nights - 1

In the latest hair trends, classic ponytail models are often seen. You can try the classic ponytail model by waving the ends of your hair. When you make this hairstyle, you can wrap a thin strand of hair over the scrunchie and hide your toe.

Stylish ponytail models for special nights - 2

If you like modern and different looks, you can combine horsetail and knitting models. First of all, braid your hair tightly. For this, you can choose one of the classic knitting or herringbone knitting models. Then, when you get to the nape of the neck, end your braid and collect your hair with a rubber clip.

Editor’s suggestion: If you want your hair to appear voluminous, you can loosen your braid with your fingers.

Stylish ponytail models for special nights - 3

One of the alternative horsetail models we see in fashion shows is wet looking models. San can also use hair gel to get this look.

Stylish ponytail models for special nights - 4

If you don’t have a lot of time to make ponytails, you can easily make your hairstyle cool with different hair accessories. Make your hair a classic ponytail and use velvet clips instead of hair bands. You can collect the attention in your hair by choosing accessories suitable for your outfit.