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Studio MSE Comunicazione, involving customers on the web: Micol’s winning strategy

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Since 2017 the owner has decided to put her experience at the service of entrepreneurs and companies

How important is it to best tell your brand online? How to structure a communication campaign? When can active participation in industry events affect business performance? To all these questions, entrepreneurs often struggle to find a certain answer since the daily activities that are fundamental for corporate well-being already take away all the time available. For this reason, the communication and marketing expert Micol Scondotto has chosen to intervene by putting all its know-how at the disposal of professionals and their brands.

Passions and goals

Micol graduated in communication and marketing in 2004, at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna and, from that moment, began to work in various companies in the field of outward communication. After having achieved the ambitious goals set, Micol in 2008 chooses to take the plunge and enthusiastically enter the world of female entrepreneurship by setting up on their own and offering their services for the organization of large events, especially weddings. For nine years, Micol supports the future spouses with passion, precision and curiosity, offering its support in defining every little detail relating to their most beautiful day. In 2017, then, there is a return to her origins: to be able to dedicate more time to her family, Micol chooses to leave the world of private events to return to her first love, communication. This conversion of its business leads Micol to found Studio MSE, a reality that allows it to put its experience in the events sector at the service of entrepreneurs and companies, knowing in depth the problems related to the communication of a brand to the public and knowing well how bypass them to get the expected results. Thus, even Micol’s clientele expands to include different sectors – especially creative ones – from fashion to design passing through craftsmanship. Over time, Micol has then specialized in specific communication paths for artisans and small businesses, companies that need external help from a professional to be able to better tell their customers without taking time away from their essential activities. It is to them that the services of social media manager, brand relooking and organization of editorial calendars for the company blog are addressed with the relative creation of contents in an SEO perspective. Furthermore, to optimize the brand image, Studio MSE realizes personalized photo shoots, organizes corporate events as well as targeted courses and consultancy sessions. The latter, in particular, are dedicated to those who work in the events sector and aim to strengthen the strategic corporate presence.


The first round of lessons is coming in spring

Never before in the digital age has it been essential for small and large companies to complement offline communication strategies with web campaigns, making the most of the company website, newsletters, blogs and social content. For this reason, starting from 25 March, the targeted courses organized by Stuido MSE and designed for professionals belonging to different production sectors with a view to implementing their own brand communication strategy will start. The organizer of the courses is Micol Scondotto who, in this way, aims to introduce the students to the world of communication, telling the many benefits that a structured plan online and offline can bring to emerging brands but also to companies already established in their sector. .

The first round of courses will be dedicated to those who approach the subject of communication as a layman. Micol will provide them with the means to implement a first strategy of their own in order to understand if these are processes that can be followed internally by the company, dedicating targeted personnel to them, or if the help in the field of an expert in the sector is required. able to follow every evolution of social campaigns by analyzing their progress and taking care of the aspects related to the flow of customers to be directed to the company website through the creation and promotion of meaningful and relevant content for the target audience.


A quiet and central space in which to work among professionals

A coworking service is active in the new Bologna office in via Mazzini 117 – to which the business has recently moved. Thanks to the wide spaces offered by the restaurant, in fact, Micol has the opportunity to host various professionals looking for a quiet place in which to work in all serenity for a few days a week. At the office in via Mazzini of Studio MSE there are three different offices in which to carry out one’s work and / or receive clients. The studio also gives professionals the opportunity to use the open space meeting area to organize their business meetings, a space that can accommodate up to 12 people, equipped with a video projector and screen. Coworking is located in a strategic area of ​​Bologna, a few bus stops from the city center and close to the Bologna Mazzini railway station. The space is suitable for the work of creatives, psychotherapists and professionals of all kinds.


Critical eye and empathy in the center

A sector, that of entrepreneurship, in which women feel they have to constantly demonstrate that they are as professional and prepared as their male colleagues. This is how Micol Scondotto describes her own path, a mountain to climb that has led to many victories and which, today, allows her to admire a breathtaking view from the summit. The communication and event organization sector, says Micol, needs female sensitivity and an intrinsic ability to empathize with the customer.

PROJECTS. Women who help women: with this in mind, a restyling work was undertaken for an artisan in the fashion sector

Brand Relooking: a breath of fresh air

Studio MSE has recently collaborated with an artisan who has been active for years in the fashion sector and owner of an accessories brand. A stimulating project for Micol Scondotto who, in this context, had the opportunity to open a constructive dialogue with her client as both women active in the world of entrepreneurship, a sector in which it is not easy to emerge trying, at the same time, to eliminate the toxic mechanisms linked to excessive competitiveness.

In detail

For this project, Studio MSE provided a complete Brand Relooking service: we started from the website, previously rather “home” and not very user-friendly. By improving its functionality, it was possible to direct a greater number of users to the web domain, increasing clicks and conversions. In this process, it proved essential to set up a blog thanks to which to propose relevant content and of common interest to capture the attention of potential customers. In addition, a lot of focus was placed on participation in events and small sectoral and local markets in order to better highlight the innumerable potential of the brand. Instead, only the original logo was kept as it is already well known in the fashion sector.