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Stream like a pro with half off this all-in-one video tool

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Everyone has something to share with the world, but not everyone has the tools to share it. It can be a steep learning curve for new streamers or content creators when it comes to video editing software, but EaseUS RecExperts it is a rare find. Not only is it packed with the features the creators ask for, but it also puts all those tools into an interface that’s easy to use on the fly.

This high-end software combines video editing and media playback features so you can create clips, customize them and upload them all from the same platform. It all works seamlessly whether you’re doing it on your mobile device or PC, so it’s just as easy to use for travel bloggers as it is for webcam streamers.

One really great feature is the ability to capture photos or videos from anywhere on the screen. Twitch gamers can create compelling videos by highlighting exactly the moments they want to capture, and the uses are endless if you’re doing remote presentations. With EaseUS RecExperts, you can schedule recordings, stop and start them remotely, and set the frame rate and format when you’re done.

Want to try it for your next video? Right now, you can get a lifetime membership to EaseUS RecExperts on a Mac device for $39.95a 50% discount on the recommended price.

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EaseUS RecExperts: Lifetime Subscription (1 Mac) – $39.95

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