Start Eating One Apple A Day and Find Out What Will Happen In Your Body

Start Eating One Apple A Day and Find Out What Will Happen In Your Body

Start Eating One Apple A Day and Find Out What Will Happen In Your Body  — Apples are recognized around the world as a relatively inexpensive, readily available, and delicious fruit. It’s hard to find a person on Earth who has never tasted a fresh apple or a juice. And apple pies are a pretty common dessert, typically found at formal and informal events, right? So, does an apple a day really keep the doctor away forever?

This expression has been around for years and years, but can eating apples really benefit everyone? And are there any conditions because of which it would be better not to consume this fruit? To answer your questions, here are 10 facts about eating apples that everyone should know in order to stay healthy.

– This fruit is a source of crucial antioxidants called flavonols that act as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the swelling that causes joint pain in the first place.
– Pomegranates contain a very important element called punicic acid. The best of its effects is its ability to enhance circulation and, consequently, improve blood flow to the scalp.
– A daily intake of about 5 oz of pomegranate juice can reduce blood pressure levels in just 2 weeks!
– Pomegranate extract slows down the reproduction of prostate cancer cells.
– Pomegranate fruit has impressive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can really benefit your teeth in the best way possible.
– If you go to the gym regularly, you know that good and stable exercise performance takes time, patience, and dedication. However, if you want to get to your desired result quicker, pomegranate can help you with that.
– By eating pomegranate every day, you’ll see fewer bumps and skin irritation. What’s great about this is that it works from both the inside and the outside.
– Among all the other things, pomegranates are also a great diet food that should be on your menu if you wanna lose a couple pounds.

apples are recognized all over the world

whole as a relatively good fruit

market and readily available and

delicious it is difficult to find

a person on earth who has never

tasted with fresh apple or in the form

juice and apple pie are a

rather widespread dessert present

usually in formal events

and informal is not it then an apple

a day away is she really the

doctor forever

this expression has been around for years

years and years

but is eating apples for

actually doing good to everyone

and are there any conditions because of

which it would be better not to

consume this fruit to meet your

question here are ten facts about the

consumption of apples than all

world to recognize in order to stay in

good health

number 10 a storehouse of vitamins in

a single fruit

it is true that every apple contains

a whole variety of vitamins.

that you ate a size apple

average which means by the fact that you

consumed about 95 calories more

from the feeling of satiety felt in

your stomach you get about 4 g of

vitamin c is a huge intake of micro

useful elements such as manganese

potassium and copper as well as

vitamins a to e b1 b2 and b6 it is

also one of the most

easily digested to make apples

are not only used for

prevention of colds but also for the

treatment of such serious diseases as

the number of malignant neoplasms

sufficient potassium helps to

stabilize blood pressure and

calcium is necessary to strengthen

tooth enamel and bone tissue

this is a real pharmacy in a

only delicious fruit a number 9 eats

apples to strengthen your brain

many studies have shown that

eating apples regularly

improve brain activity.

fruits contain an antioxidant

special that prevents the destruction of

cells and inflammation the juice of

apple promotes the formation of a

an important neurotransmitter that strengthens

significantly memory a study of

2008 published

the journal of food science has demonstrated that

apples contribute to the prevention of

alzheimer’s disease is not it

amazing number 8 hearts without and

blood vessels

scientists have already proved that

eating apples daily

reduced the risk of stroke and


since this normalizes the rates

the level of cholesterol in the blood

they compared the effect of

consumption of about one apple per

day to taking special medications

so-called statins that reduce the

cholesterol but also have

side effects experts estimate

that apples are almost as

effective than drugs for

reducing mortality from diseases

what’s more

eating apples prevents the formation

from gallstones the stones are

cholesterol residues that are

petrified and the fibers of apples is to

normalize cholesterol levels

thanks to this the cardiovascular system

also recovers during a study eating

one apple a day was associated with a

28% reduction in the risk of diabetes mellitus

type 2 even if you only eat a few

apples a week you will get a

similar protective effect number 7

stomach health with an apple by


it is said that apples can help

to treat gastritis especially

green apples for this you need

properly wash apples peel them

and grate them eat grated apples

early in the morning since you can’t

nothing consumed for four hours

before and after apples get ready to

have your breakfast around 11

hours during the first month eats

apples in this form every day

during the second month done the 3 times

per week and for the third month

just do it once a week

but all this will have to be combined with

a special diet that consists of

exclude spicy and salty foods

fats coffee tea and bread all

right out of the oven good okay if I

must do it

you should see her doctor

regarding this method to make sure

that you have all the information


number 6 eat apples means

lose weight the contained fiber

in green apples take a lot

time to be absorbed which allows you

to feel full for more


unlike powders and

supplement apples are almost

completely allergenic ico which

regulates the risk of a wrong reaction

thanks to such a diet

however it is important to emphasize

what nutritionists do not recommend

no eating apples

after 16 hours they proved that if you

do it your body just won’t have

no time to digest all the

nutrients contained in the apple

besides, its fruits contribute to the

gas formation so do not forget to

take this into account when you try

a diet based on apples or

well to the five eats apples for a

better digestion

thanks to fiber and pectin

present in apples

these fruits can help fight

virtually all the problems of

digestion apples normalizes

intestinal microflora and help to

promote the right type of bacteria in

our gut and because of their

content of vitamins such as carotene

iron manganese potassium and

calcium apples are recommended for

intestinal infections

however, these apples to cause a

disruption of the gastrointestinal tract


so if you have problems with gastritis

or a duodenal ulcer you should rather

opted for baked apples rather than

– don’t worry during cooking

they don’t lose a lot of

nutrients number 4 beauty and health with

an apple a day thanks to pectin

contained in each apple consume its

fruits daily is improved the

dyed and prolonged youth and

freshness of the skin besides the

apples contain an anti-aging element

baked apples have the same

benefits that raw apples then you

can vary their consumption in its


you can not only eat apples

but you can also apply them on

your hair and to pau in the form of

concede beauty mask applied from

thin apple slices on the skin in

under the eyes in order to get rid of

treatment of edemas and awards number three the

apples help to strengthen the system


everyone knows what stress can

making a person moody

low productivity health problems

and a bunch of other things but guess

what apples can help thanks to

the anti-quercetin who

mainly found in apples

and its fruits can strengthen the

immune system and help the body to

coping with stress

it also helps to cleanse the liver

in these situations number 2 eats

apples every day but be

aware of the limits

despite all the beneficial properties

from apples it should not be

consumed without limit

apples contain carbohydrates that

our body turns into glucose

if you lead an active lifestyle that you

practice sports or that you go to the

gym at least twice a week

week then it will be beneficial for you

but if you have a sedentary job and

an active lifestyle apples can

be harmful by causing spikes in

blood sugar levels

it is for this reason that it is

better to avoid eating more than 3

apple per day

in this case you will get substances

useful but you will not eat your body

and you won’t consume a lot of

number one extra calories

apples a culinary miracle of course it

is better to eat any

raw fruits or isn’t it but for

diversify daily rations and

to continue consuming all

micro vital elements that apples

how can you prepare skirts

or worries or making pies or

dessert you can even make crisps

with the Italians handle briquettes

with apples and in India

he prepares an apple chutney

browse the internet and you will discover

a bunch of delicious things that are

easy to prepare

do you know any cool recipes either

stingy share with us in the

comments below and here’s

some interesting facts

additional information about apples

they are composed of 85% water which

means that these fruits are vital

for hydration and energy it is

better to eat an apple about

20 minutes before the main meal

this will help reduce hunger and therefore you

will consume fewer calories

when you eat eat an apple

red or a green apple doesn’t matter

anyway all varieties

benefits of this fruit are just trying

not to call it since a

bunch of nutrients I can talk about

is found in the skin as you can

to see an apple a day does not keep away

completely the doctor forever

but it helps

remember this make sure you

crunches in this juicy fruit and friends

nice why not start a little

we eat a few apples a day

for let’s say a month and let’s share our

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