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stable employment at 14%, a year ago at 33%

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The latest news in real time on Covid in Italy and in the world, updates today Tuesday 8 March. In today’s bulletin: 5,263 infections in Veneto and 1,113 cases in South Tyrol. The epidemic curve rises after a month and a half of downward data. Ordinary hospitalizations and intensive care are also on the rise. Agenas: wards employment stable at 14%, a year ago it was 33%. Pal├╣: “The virus may have escaped from the Wuhan laboratory”. Swabs for refugees arriving from Ukraine in Italy: the Ministry of Health arranges diagnostic tests within 48 hours of entry, regardless of the Covid-19 green certification. In Italy 134,669,393 million administrations of the anti-Covid vaccine.

In the world 448,175,615 infections and 6,027,404 deaths. Afp: “Over 6 million deaths from Covid in the world”

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Covid, Afp: over six million deaths worldwide

Coronavirus-related deaths in the world have exceeded the 6 million mark, according to a tally by the France Press agency based on official data according to which to date, Tuesday 8 March, there are 6,001,585 deaths related to Covid.

A figure announced two days ago also by Johns Hopkins University according to which it is a largely underestimated figure and which warns against considering the pandemic over. The last million deaths, in fact, were recorded only in the last four months. Most of the victims would be among the unvaccinated people.

Covid, Veneto bulletin: 5,263 infections and 16 deaths

The curve of new Coronavirus positives in Veneto dates back in the last 24 hours, with 5,263 cases bringing the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 1,358,900. The figure is higher than last week’s trend. There are 16 victims, with the total at 13,923. The clinical trend is stable, with 913 hospitalizations in the medical area (+6) and 73 (-9) in intensive care. The current positives are 49,250. The progress of the vaccination campaign remains slow, with 3,220 administrations carried out yesterday, mainly driven by third doses (2,782).

Covid, in France from Monday no more distancing and masks in the workplace

Health restrictions – such as spacing, masks and remote work – will no longer be applied in the workplace in France from next Monday, the day when masks will no longer be mandatory indoors: the Minister of Labor announced today on LCI TV. , Elisabeth Borne. “The health rules in companies will disappear from next Monday and normal rules will resume in the workplace”, the minister announced, specifying that “obviously hygiene rules will continue to be observed” such as washing hands, cleaning all surfaces and ventilating the premises. .

Covid, in New Zealand 17,522 cases in 24 hours

New Zealand yesterday registered 17,522 new cases of coronavirus: the Ministry of Health announced. With these new data, the overall toll of infections since the beginning of the pandemic is almost 200,000, equal to 4% of the population. The dotal number of deaths has so far been 65.

Vaccine, USA donate 4 million Pfizer doses to the Philippines

The United States has donated 3 million 999 thousand doses of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine to the Philippines. This was announced in a tweet from the State Department, recalling that the American president’s goal is to provide a total of 200 million doses in 100 hundred days abroad. In total, over 33 million were given to the Philippines as gifts.

Vaccines administered in Italy 134,669,393 doses

There are 134,669,393 doses of the anti Covid vaccine administered so far in Italy. The data of the Ministry of Health are updated to today, Tuesday 8 March. 48.336.175, or 89.49% of the population over 12, are the people who have completed the vaccination cycle, while those who received the third booster dose are 82.69% of the population for a total number of 37.889.547 .

Covid, in Mexico 42 deaths and 1,684 new cases

Covid marks a decline in infections in Mexico where in the last 24 hours a total of 1,684 new cases and 42 deaths have been recorded. Overall, 5 million 566 thousand infections and 319,901 victims have been registered in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

The latest news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today, Tuesday 8 March

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There are 22,083 infections from Covid-19 recorded yesterday in Italy according to what emerged from the daily bulletin. The infections since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 13,048,774. There are 130 new victims: the total deaths from Covid in Italy rises to 156,017. The positivity rate is 11.7% (-0.1%). The following are the infections in Italy region by region:

Lombardy: +1.614

Veneto: +1.567

Emilia Romagna: +1.853

Campania: + 1.948

Lazio: + 2444

Piedmont: +1537

Tuscany: +1.420

Sicily: +2.357

Puglia: +1730

Liguria: +506

Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +187

Brands: + 783

Abruzzo: +462

Calabria: +1.493

PA Bolzano: +258

Umbria: +501

Sardinia: +790

PA Trento: +117

Basilicata: +337

Molise: +163

Aosta Valley: +20