Spotifys first esports partnership

Spotify’s first esports partnership: League of Legends

Spotify continues on its way by establishing different partnerships. Latest Riot Games cooperating with Spotify , it’s in this context has established the first partnership esp. One of the fruits of this partnership is the League of Legends podcasts . Spotify plans to broadcast League of Legends .

Spotify will broadcast League of Legends

Spotify, which has managed to attract attention with different partnerships, is taking new steps in its first esports partnership with Riot Games . At this point, the company, which plans to come up with different offers, has become a special and also global audio service provider for League of Legends , one of Riot’s most popular games . The real equivalent of this is that a number of LoL-linked content will be featured on Spotify.

The popular service is working on original podcast broadcasts , especially focusing on LoL and the esports world. Although there is no announcement about the start date of podcast broadcasts at the moment, it seems very likely that it will appear this year.

Spotify is also working on new soundtracks and podcast lists, including playlists such as ” Official League of Legends ” and ” This Is League of Legends “. Spotify , which officially created the LoL center , seems to give the partnership right at this point.

Spotify has been making important purchases and partnerships since last year, especially to improve podcast broadcasts. After the acquisition of Gimlet Media and The Ringer, which started in this context, it formed a partnership to make new productions that included the DC universe.

You can find the lists on Spotify here .