Spotify just gave us a great reason to buy a watch with Wear OS like the new ones from Samsung

The Wear OS Spotify app has been updated with the ability to stream music and download our favorite songs directly to the watch.

Samsung started a new era in wearables yesterday , with the presentation of the first smartwatches with the new Wear OS system, developed in collaboration with Google. The Galaxy Watch 4 will offer many more possibilities thanks to this alliance, such as the possibility of running Google services, or synchronizing the apps with our mobile.

Today, Spotify has given another reason to consider the possibility of leaving the Apple Watch behind, with the update of its app for Wear OS. Until now, this app needed to be connected to a smartphone, which is the one that actually played our music and playlists. Therefore, we could not use it without the mobile, or without having a 4G or 5G connection.

That has changed with the launch of this new app, which is now capable of playing songs and even downloading them directly into the watch’s memory. In this way, we can go out for a run with music without having to take our mobile , just connecting the headphones to the watch via Bluetooth.

The freedom it offers us is one of the best things that the Apple Watch already had; and in fact, the Spotify app for Apple’s watchOS already allowed this. With this launch, it catches up with the function most desired by users.

Another good news is that the new app will not be exclusive to Samsung or the new Wear OS, and will be available as update if our watch runs Wear OS 2.0 at least , coming first to watches from Fossil, Mobvoi, Suunto and the previous Galaxy Watch. The big limitation, of course, will be if you can connect the headphones to the watch, and the amount of storage you have free to download songs and listen to them without having a mobile connection on the watch. The update will arrive in the next few weeks.


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