India Martínez

Sport, nutrition and a lot of motivation! India Martínez tells us how she is recovering her figure

Sport, nutrition and a lot of motivation! India Martínez tells us how she is recovering her figure, We spoke with the Cordovan singer, 34, about her secret to being in shape after confinement has taken its toll.

Last year, India Martínez and her sisters became the sensation of the summer with a most suggestive photo session. Baptized as ‘Las Martínez’, winking at the Kardashian sisters , they  left more than one speechless showing off their bikini curves . Well, this year it has been the singer who has raised the temperature of social networks with this selfie that has been made in front of the mirror. ” Now that one begins to regain shape, summer is leaving ,” jokes the 90-minute interpreter . And it is that, as she herself has told us, the confinement has taken her “more bill than she expected”. “I stopped all my activity, and started eating more . Now I am beginning to recover my figure thanks to the fact that I am trying, but it is costing me a lot “, the Cordovan woman explains to , who has told us the routine she is following.

India Martínez

  • A few months ago you said that you wanted to lose a few kilos, have you succeeded?
    Well, I’m really still at it. In the first month, instead of losing weight, I seemed to gain even more weight, but my boy encouraged me by telling me that it is part of the process and that I was on the right track. 
  • Would you say you have good genetics or is it difficult for you to have that great guy?
    I believe that good genetics do not exist (laughs), I believe in effort and sacrifice. There will be different metabolisms and body complexions, but without work there is no result. 

What are your favorite sports?

I like to try many sports, soccer, tennis, runningboulderingcrossfit, capoeira..

India Martínez Training

We have also seen you trying Yoga, did you like it?

I have practiced it twice in my life, but I loved the experience. The first time in a family class organized by my parents, and recently my friend Patricia Montero invited me to give a class on Live Instagram and it was a challenge. 

As for food, do you count the calories a lot?
I don’t follow any specific diet or count calories, although it would do me good. Like everything, but it is very important to reduce carbohydrates and the amounts in meals according to your physical activity.

When you want to treat yourself, what do you choose?
The icecream! If I have to sin, better with ice cream, although some candy falls from time to time. 

 Finally, how do you face these months? Have you had to change your plans?
He had a great tour with a great production and it has been reduced to a few intimate concerts. But I have to admit that, even so, I have felt privileged to be able to carry them out and they have given me life. They are being very special and I am having the best time. It will be that each concert I live as if it were the last. I reveal to you that very very soon there is a new single, and you are going to love it!