Spooned, back to back, intertwined… What your way of sleeping with your partner says about your relationship (News) – Spooned, back to back, intertwined… What your way of sleeping with your partner says about your relationship As RockedBuzz .com, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Spooned, back to back, intertwined … What your way of sleeping with your partner says about your relationship” Here are the details .. The position you put yourself in when you sleep has a lot more meaning than you think. Unconsciously or not, it reveals whether your relationship is fulfilled or not.

Spoon position This attitude is very protective, especially if the woman is in front of the man. ” This is a position of great sexual vulnerability, but which actually says: I trust you “, explains Patti Wood, body language expert in her book Signs of Success: A Reading Guide to Body Language . The context must be taken into account if this occurs at a particular time (if the partner has had a difficult time) or follows sexual intercourse. This comforting position is very popular with couples and reveals a perfectly balanced and fulfilled relationship.

Back to back but without touching Being far from each other is not necessarily a bad sign. It shows both the closeness and the independence of the relationship. You trust your partner and you feel safe. Each one sleeps as he did before and feels free enough to be in this position without the other taking it badly. However, if there has been an argument before, it is a sign of willful rejection that one is trying to express.

Intertwined If you spend the night hanging on to each other, it indicates a lack of independence in the couple. You feel the need to stick together. You are looking for physical contact to create an intimate and secure space. This position evokes a certain passion as in young couples but can also be synonymous with possession. Few couples favor this position because of its lack of comfort.

Back to back glued to each other Often used early in the relationship, this position indicates that the partners are relaxed and comfortable with each other. It’s a way to keep a link while respecting everyone’s space. Often, there is a need for physical contact when falling asleep and then the couple move away for more comfort. It is the sign of a healthy and stable relationship.

On the chest, on the stomach or in the arms of your partner It is a hug-like position that shows a willingness to protect. In addition, it is a sign of complicity and tenderness. Few couples stay in this position at night but it can occur during the sleep phase or after having made love, especially among young couples.

Face to face Sleeping with your face turned towards your partner shows an extreme need for intimacy and communication. He betrays an emotionally demanding relationship. Subconsciously, you expect something from the other and you need to reconnect with them.

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