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Speedometer 3: Apple, Google and Mozilla collaborate on next generation speed test

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It’s a little-known fact that Apple created Speedometer, one of the best benchmarks for the web. Now, Apple has announced that it’s working with Google and Mozilla to create the next version, Speedometer 3, with the goal of providing a more accurate assessment of your browser’s speed.

These companies produce three of the world’s most popular browsers: Safari (Apple), Chrome (Google) and Firefox (Mozilla), so it makes sense to collaborate. In a Twitter thread early Thursday morning, Mozilla She said that working with Apple and Google “gives us the ability to build the best version to help make the web faster for years to come.”

The fastest speeds recorded on a Mac have exceeded 400 on a MacBook Pro M2.

Google said the team aims to “build a collaborative understanding of performance on the web to help drive browser performance in ways that help users,” while Added Apple’s WebKit team that the collaboration will “help us further improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users.” The three companies are using a “joint governance model” on GitHub to share work between teams.

We don’t know what the interface or testing methodology will be, but it is likely to differ from the current version. Speedometer 2.1, the latest version, tests run a series of demo web apps to simulate user actions to add, complete, and remove to-do items using multiple examples in TodoMVC. Google says it looks forward to the benchmark being updated to include representative modern workloads, such as JavaScript frameworks.

Apple hasn’t provided a timeline for the release of Speedometer 3, but you can follow its development in Github.