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Spain’s King Felipe denounces war in Ukraine in Christmas speech

origin 1King Felipe VI delivers his traditional Christmas speech. Pool/EUROPE PRESS/dpa

Spain’s King Felipe VI denounced Russia’s war against Ukraine and its aftermath in his Christmas address to the nation.

The conflict has “already caused a level of destruction and ruin that is hard to imagine,” the monarch said in his Christmas address broadcast on radio and television on Saturday night.

Felipe has warned of the consequences of a war of “global significance” which has affected Spain’s security. In this context, he said, Spain must “strengthen collective defence” with its allies. At the same time, however, peace must be sought with the international community.

Democracy and the European Union are “the two pillars” on which Spain’s present and future are based, explained the 54-year-old. But there are three main risks that today’s democracies must face, Felipe warned: these are “division”, the “deterioration of coexistence” and the “erosion of institutions”.

In his speech, recorded a few days ago and which lasted about 12 minutes, the head of state also spoke of the economic and energy crisis as well as inflation in many countries. Spanish families, he said, were badly affected. “Rising prices, especially of food, are making families feel insecure,” he said. People have to make sacrifices, some of them very big.