Space: Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company, is still suing NASA

/ Science Published on : 16 / 00 / 2000 – 14: 00

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of the company Blue Origin, in Va n Horn in Texas, the 17 July 2021. AP – Tony Gutierrez Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company, announced Monday 16 August have lodged a complaint in federal court against NASA, the US space agency. The Amazon founder is adamant that NASA’s decision to award SpaceX with the project to build the next manned moon landing system is unfair and lacks bias.

Blue Origin had already lodged a complaint last April for the same reason before the body of Congress responsible for the control of public accounts and against NASA. This complaint had been rejected, the justice having considered that the American space agency had not violated the regulations in force to designate the winner of this contract: SpaceX, Elon Musk’s competitor company . She is the one who will build the manned lunar module with, at the end of the day, a $ 2.9 billion contract and the privilege of participating in one of the most important space missions of the next two or three decades.

But Blue Origin does not budge not, NASA should have designated several winners to create competition. ” We firmly believe in fixing problems identified in this acquisition to restore impartiality, create competition and ensure America’s safe return to the Moon ”, said a spokesperson for the company in a statement sent to AFP.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon , still hopes to be part of the adventure with his Blue Moon module. At the end of July, he even tried a game of poker by offering NASA a discount of $ 2 billion to steal this contract from SpaceX. Lost sentence. Nasa aims, as part of the Artemis program, to send American astronauts – including a woman, for the first time – to the Moon in 2024. From the Apollo mission 16, in December 1972, man has no longer set foot on lunar soil.