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Something goes wrong without Taylor Hawkins

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full screen Photo: AP

Taylor Hawkins may not even have been the best drummer in the Foo Fighters.

But rock’s biggest, warmest smile could have been a prominent figure in any other band.

“Listen, I broke my fucking leg!”

Seven years ago it fell Dave Grohl of the Ullevi stage in Gothenburg during the second song of the concert and broke his leg.

It is still possible to write a lot about that turmoil. Did it really happen?

But in many ways he was the drummer Taylor Hawkins great night.

While his friend and bandmate got plastered again, given painkillers, and plastered his leg, Hawkins had to pick up the mic in two rounds.

The Foo Fighters probably didn’t really know if the concert would continue or end.

While the band waited for that message, they made a small beaded headband of famous covers.

The faces “Stay with me”, Van Halens “I am that”, Alice Cooper “School’s out”, Rolling stones “I miss you” and no less than three songs by Queen: “Under pressure”, “Another one bites the dust” and “Bind your mother”.

full screenDave Grohl to Ullevi. Photo: image of the reader

The latter wasn’t a bit surprising. Taylor Hawkins loved the queen. The British giants made him dream of performing at a sold out Wembley at the age of ten.

In addition, there was an unusually large tube in the slim body of the shorts. Hawkins was born to sing the music broadcast on any radio station with classic rock.

Nobody can interpret Zeppelin LED. It’s impossible. However, there are countless clips where Taylor burns a “Rock and roll” that gets as close to the audience as he has come to the age of Zeppelin’s “golden god” since 1975.

In 2008 he got to sing that song with the bassist John Paul Jones and the guitarist Jimmy Page at Wembley.

Listen to Hawkins’ “aaaaowww” just before Page enters his solo. It is the sound of a person who could experience the height of his life.

Taylor Hawkins was born in Forth Worth, Texas, but soon moved to Laguna Beach, California. Until his death, he was the epitome of an eternally young and carefree surfer. It looked like he had wind in his hair even when he was still sitting indoors in a study. The sun shone on him when it was cloudy.

He was not an innovator. Hawkins, on the other hand, managed an old and declared rock legacy with a bulletproof, childish love. He wanted those who listened to the Foo Fighters to have as much fun as when he discovered it himself Freddie Mercury. She could just as easily have stood under the stage with her fans and played the air drums. She didn’t act like an unattainable star, but she had the same level of public eye.

Like all essential rock drummers since the 1970s, Taylor Hawkins’ style was reminiscent of Animal’s in “The Muppets”. He had an amazing technique and drive, but above all the encounter between him and his skins was a constant battle, a storm.

full screenFoo Fighters 2005. Photos: AP

During the three hour concerts, it was often the case that the Foo Fighters ended up in tight and monotonous dead ends.

Not even Dave Grohl says they’re the best band in the world. But when the concerts were airing, you could always watch what was happening a few meters behind Grohl. Away from the drums, the show is never over. Hawkins sweated twice as many as his band members and tanned at least ten times as often.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Beavis and Butthead. Thelma and Louise. Chip ‘n’ Dale. Calvino and Hobbes. Baloo and Bagheera. Tina Fey And Amy Poehler. John And Paul.

Popular culture is full of dynamic duets. And since the 1990s it has been hard to find a nicer and more fun couple than Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.

Clearly it wasn’t enough that Dave Grohl had already lost Kurt Cobain.

It is unknown what he will be without his best friend and what the Foo Fighters are without his smiling engine.

Something is missing there, something has to break.

Taylor Hawkins was so easy to like.

full screenDave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins together on stage Photo: Amy Harris / AP


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