SMEs and freelancers denounce suffocation due to the rise in the price of electricity by 40%

Madrid. 13 / 08 / 2021 – 20: 20

The Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Workers (UPTA) has urged the Executive to intervene through a Royal Decree Law in the energy prices so that both private and self-employed consumers “are not the ones who suffer abusive bills as a result of the blackmail of the electricity oligopoly to the Government.”

According to the organization, the average cost of electricity for a small business in July was 20% higher than in June , and your electricity bill increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. For UPTA, these costs are “unaffordable” for most businesses in the country, where a small self-employed worker already You are dedicating 30% of your business production costs to pay the electricity bill.

“Courageous political decisions must be taken in which all those who are incapable of putting the common interests of Spanish citizens first, in the face of this tremendous economic wear and tear that the monthly electricity bill for individuals and self-employed workers is assuming,” insists the president of UPTA, Eduardo Abad.

CPI “shot up” In this regard, the Union Sindical Obrera (USO) warns that the CPI continues to “skyrocket”, with a rate of 2.9% in July, and this does not yet reflect the record values ​​that have been reached in August in the prices of electricity. The union points out that the rise in the CPI in July doubles the average wage increase agreed in the agreement until the same month, 1, 54%, “suffocating” family economies .

USO draws attention to the fact that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) attributes the decrease in spending on housing to the decrease in electricity prices due to the reduction in VAT. “We do not know exactly what weighting criteria the INE has used, but the truth is that we are astonished to read that the price of energy has fallen due to the decrease in VAT to be applied. The decrease in VAT is a measure that effectively entered into vigor in July, but for a very specific spectrum of the population. We do not understand that it is generalized to measure prices. And much more when July registered a historical rise in electricity “, has argued Laura Estévez, Secretary of Communication and Union Studies of USO.

The union demands to reduce the VAT of electricity to 4% for being an essential good and warns that the “setback” that will be added in August “is not seen yet nor to reach a ceiling, with constant rises and historical highs in the price of electricity that pulverize the previous day At the same time, USO denounces that basic food continues to become more expensive, with oils, fish and fruit, every time most inaccessible.


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