Smart Call available in Samsung brand phones is an incredible and essential feature. Recently, we encountered the result that people made a search like Smart Call was giving an error, and we carried this subject to our article by doing a research on this issue. If you want, let’s go through the topics in order.

Smart Call Gets An Error Fix EMUI Problems

What is Smart Call?

Smart Call Gets An Error Fix EMUI Problems

Smart Call feature lets you know on whose side you are called even if the number is not in your contact list. When a spam call occurs, you can easily block the call and then report it and take action. In this way, you will never be disturbed or disturbed by an unwanted person.

Smart Call Error

Smart Call Gets An Error Fix EMUI Problems

The Smart Call setting is of course also available on different brand devices with different names, but today we will talk about the Samsung Smart Call error in Samsung brand mobile smartphones. Even though this service usually works with a very high rate of success, it can sometimes fail like any other program. When people experience such a situation, it can be troublesome because a phone call that has to take place can be blocked by the Samsung Smart Call service.

Smart Call is Giving Error How Do I Fix it? Smart call keeps stopping

You can fix this problem quite simply by disabling the Samsung Smart Call service. For this process, first go to the search settings. Find the caller ID and spam protection section. Most of the time it is closed. You turn this setting on. Scroll down from your home screen and choose Caller ID and spam protection settings in notifications.

In addition, you can return to Search Settings at any time and disable the feature by turning it off. It should be noted that the Samsung Smart Call feature is not available on every Samsung phone. This feature is currently supported by spam call blocker and phone number lookup companies.

Fix EMUI Problems

EMUI is one of the most complete customization layers. That is why we can find different bugs and problems in the software. For example, that some notifications are not displayed, that the system does not detect some options or that the WiFi connection has problems. Here you will find the most common EMUI problems and their solution.


Your Huawei mobile does not connect to the WiFi network? Try to forget that network and enter the password again. You can do this in Settings> Wi-Fi. Select the network and click Forget. If the problem continues, try restarting the terminal.


You probably know that Huawei is updating your terminal, but in the “Updates” option, in the system settings, it does not appear. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Most software updates are applied to devices on a staggered basis. That is, some users get it earlier, and others have to wait up to a couple more weeks. If after that time the update does not appear, check that you have the SIM card installed in the terminal.

It is also recommended to clear the cache and data. To do this, go to Settings> Applications> Application. In the options menu, click where it says ‘Show system processes’. Look for the option that says ‘Software update‘. Then tap Storage> Clear data. Restart the device.


Can’t you hear the calls? The ringtone is likely lower than usual. Perhaps you have accidentally downloaded it in a voice call. To adjust it, go to Settings> Sounds and vibration. Increase the volume of the ‘Calls‘ control.


One of the most common problems in EMUI and Huawei phones: some notifications take time to appear. Even on some occasions, they did not appear. However, when entering the app, new messages or notifications did appear. It is not a failure of the app, but of a Huawei battery saving option. To allow notifications to appear normally, go to Settings> Applications> Applications.

Click on the options menu that appears in the upper right area. Then tap Special access> Battery optimization. Select ‘All applications‘ in the upper area and scroll down until you see the app that does not show notifications. PressDo not allow‘. In this way, it will show the notifications. Click on ‘OK‘ to save the changes.