Small budget, wonderful options: 11 invisible friend gifts for less than 20 euros -!

The invisible friend is a Christmas classic. Be it with co-workers, with a group of friends or with the family: this tradition is great to give to people we love on a tight budget. On this occasion, we talk about gifts that do not exceed 20 euros. A quantity more than enough to start a smile with some funny socks or with a gourmet pack to liven up the Christmas table . A vintage air box with chocolates If your recipient is a sweet tooth, you have it easy: this box includes a selection of 12 chocolates . In addition, it is so beautiful that it can be used as a decorative element after devouring what is inside. Mini vintage metallic book with 12 Venchi chocolates. 15 euros in El Corte Inglés. Mini vintage metallic book with 13 assorted chocolates Venchi A bathroom set Those who love to relax in the bathroom and have a good pampering session will love this trio of products in bloom that comes with two bath bubbles and a bomb. Trio of Lush flower products. 19, 95 euros. A mug of Harry Potter Harry Potter fans are in luck this year, seeing again The Philosopher’s Stone in the cinema has reactivated our nostalgia to the fullest and this mug XXL would be a gift of ten . Harry Potter Mug from 500 ml. 15, 10 euros at Akira Comics. A cocktail kit The nights of board games and cocktails are a great plan for the winter and this kit contains everything you need to professionalize your invisible friend’s recipes. Professional cocktail bar game. 15, 99 euros on Amazon. Cocktail Shaker, 10 Professional Pcs Stainless Steel Shaker Set by 681 ml, Cocktail Mixing Set for Bartender Bartender, Bar Tool Set Ideal for Bar, Home A personalized bamboo thermos glass More and more of us are betting on reusable glasses or bottles. Especially when we like to drink a hot coffee on the street without the need to use plastic . This bamboo thermos cup is customizable, so you can put the name of whoever you want. Reusable bamboo cup. 19 euros in Original Gift. A book dedicated to the world fashion We love to give away books, and if they are about fashion, even better. Editorial Superflua has just launched Memories of fashion , a work by Didier Grumbach , the great promoter of French fashion of the last seventy years. Fashion memories. 17 euros on Amazon. Fashion memories: A life between creation and industry: 11 (Fashion and memory) Some fun socks Socks are a classic of the invisible friend. Especially if we talk about flashy and fun models . Happy Socks offers several packs that fit different pockets. Happy Socks Hibiscus, pack of 5 socks. 15, 54 euros. HS by Happy Socks Hibiscus – Pack of 5 socks for men, 4 – 11 (size 41 – 46) A pack of craft beers Beer usually be one of the favorite drinks of the majority of Spaniards, and it is not surprising why. Fresh, delicious and full of nuances , this pack of craft beers, made in Ribera del Duero, is presented in a wooden box. Pack of Mica craft beers. 19, 95 euros on Amazon. MiCA – Tasting Pack 6 Craft Beers – Wood Gift Box – 2 units Blonde Premium Ale, 2 units Ipa and 2 units Ale – bottles 33 cl An agenda 2022 by Mr. Wonderful Those who feel weakness for stationery surely they already prepare their arsenal for next year and a Mr. Wonderful agenda should not be missing in their kit. Schedule 2022 by Mr. Wonderful. 15, 50 euros on Amazon. Mr. Wonderful Small Classic Agenda 2022 Daily – I want to live you !, Multicolor, WOA 11309IS A duo of Nars Beauty lovers can also receive a gift from a reference firm like Nars. In this case, we are betting on a duo in a mini format that includes two products from the Laguna line , the lipstick and the bronzer in size XS. Mini Laguna Lip And Bronzer Duo by Nars. 17, 60 euros in Druni. Mini Laguna Lip And Bronzer Duo A kit to plant aromatic seeds at home Have a small garden at home it’s possible. For starters, this scent seed kit contains six different types of scent seeds , bamboo markers, a step-by-step instruction manual and an eBook with recipes. Kit to plant aromatic seeds at home. 17, 97 euros on Amazon. Pack 6x Seeds Aromatic and Culinary Plants – Organic Seeds from Spain – 6x Bamboo Markers – Planting Manual Step by Step + eBook of Recipes with Herbs A board game for two Winter afternoons have their own name: board games. This box includes two games dedicated to the theme escape room . So your gift will have 60 minutes to overcome each challenge in the company of whoever you want. Escape Room the game – two players. 13, 36 euros on Amazon. Diset- Escape Room the game Two Players – Adult board game from 16 years Some mini earrings If your goal is to make a fanatic of jewelry fall in love, you can choose these earrings in mini format that combine the gold of the base with the stone lilac. Delicate and minimalist . Alterisco lilac ray of light earrings. 19, 99 euros. A smart speaker Finally, if what you are looking for is a useful gift that will leave a lover of technology, Amazon’s Echo Dot is on sale . It is an intelligent speaker with which to know what the weather will be like on the weekend or with which we can call without leaving the sofa. 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot. 46, 99 euros, 19, 99 euros. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa, Anthracite Fabric Note: some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editors’ team. Cover photo | @mariafrubies Photos | Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Alterisco, Akira Comics, Original Gift, Lush, Druni