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Sladkov: Russia is preparing to deploy a formidable weapon, this could decide the war

Sladkov writes that “Javelins, drones and Abrams tanks” will not decide the war, but Russia’s new weapons will rain a “deadly purge” on Ukraine.

Soon we will be dropping 3,000-5,000 kilogram bombs deep behind enemy lines. Now 5-7, later 30-40 bombers will attack with them at the same time”

– writes.

According to Sladkov, the Ukrainian air defense will be completely unable to fend off the attacks, and the only device capable of doing so, the American Patriot air defense missile system, will not be brought to the front line anyway.

The cruise bombs that Sladkov is talking about are essentially copies of the American JDAM systems: so far they have not proven to be very effective. At the same time, it is worth noting: the American JDAMs given to Ukraine do not perform very well in the war either, as Russian electronic warfare systems constantly interfere with their targeting system.

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