Six ways to wear a hair scarf -!

The scarf is one of the eternal accessories. A piece that will never go out of style and that each season is booming to wear it in a certain way. We could say that the handkerchief is an iconic fashion accessory, and although this is a classic garment, it is undoubtedly in charge of giving it a fashion touch to any look.

Catwalks, brands and fashionistas have agreed to resurrect it , that’s why we give you a style guide to wear a very stylish hair scarf, with varied patterns and silk as the protagonist.

We saw Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy at the 60, and currently at Bella Hadid or Georgina Rodríguez, a trend that is sweeping the street-style and that with that retro touch has become a top accessory.

A hair scarf as a headband

Headbands are still an ideal accessory to accompany our hair and what better way to wear a headscarf than as a headband -band. A comfortable and perfect way so that the hair in front of your face does not bother you. In addition, they are in charge of giving a touch of color to your outfit.

A handkerchief knotted at the side of back

A small scarf is folded in half creating a triangle and can be tied at the nape, both under the hair and on top, like a pirate scarf. As a recommendation, it is preferable that it be a printed scarf.

A scarf for the hair as a scarf

A headscarf wrapped around the neck like a scarf reminds us of the looks of the most stylish Hollywood as well as doña Rogelia. A style trick is to let some hair naturally peek out the front.

A Bandana for hair in a ponytail, braid or bun There are many ways to wear long hair. One of the most stylish is the hair gathered in a bun, ponytail or braid with a handkerchief, ideal to give an elegant touch to a look. There are two options for wearing a headscarf with a bow: around the bow or as a bow. The latter is ideal and very successful to complete looks as a guest and even as a bride.

A head scarf as a turban

For the most daring, the scarf as a turban or headband-turban are two groundbreaking options, ideal for the most chic parties or as a wedding guest in the purest years style 50 ‘. And the best choice to camouflage a bad hair day.


A headscarf tied under the chin

Miroslava Duma

A scarf tied under the chin represents the most elegant retro style. It is about the babushka scarf, in Russian translates to ‘grandmother’, and it is indeed that it can remind us of our grandmothers, but also of Audrey Hepburn. If you dare, you will make a difference.

Miroslava Duma

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