Six tips to breathe new life into our jeans and make them our favorites -!

Okay, new jeans is fine (especially when we manage to find the model and size that best suits us), yes. But there is nothing better than to give a second life to those jeans that were once our favorites but that for X or Y today we hardly use.

Giving them a new life is not only a sustainable gesture and an implementation of the famous three Rs (reduce, recycle and reuse) , but it can be a good way to entertain this bridge or at Christmas. So today we have proposed

Embroidery It was a classic in the past quarantine of March, we know. But it is a pretty, relatively simple and very colorful way of giving a new life to our clothes in general. It is not necessary either to make large drawings or embroidery: with some small flowers next to the front pocket or some floral motif on the back we already get that je ne sais quoi that gives a different touch to our pants.

Also on the internet and social networks there are already a lot of tutorials of greater or lesser difficulty that make it much easier for us to start embroidery. So no, there are no excuses. And as a strong point of the embroidered details we also highlight the infinite possibilities of customization that it gives us , since we can choose the colors, shapes, size …

This embroidery set for beginners can help us get started in this art, so that we can later transfer it more safely to our clothes. 15, 90 euros.

Needle It – Embroidery Kit: Cross stitch for beginners – Printed designs to embroider – t-shirt, tote – bag, handbag – to embroider by yourself (Time)

And if we already have knowledge and what we want is a huge variety of colors to unleash our creativity, this set of 72 skeins of threads and embroidery hoops is ideal. 12, 98 euros.

Embroidery Threads Kit 72 Fuyit Skeins Embroidery Thread Kit 5 embroidery hoops 1pc embroidery cloth Cross Stitch Embroidery Threads Cross Stitch Line Sewing Sewing Threads Embroidery Needle Set

If we have large waist A fairly common situation among those of us who have more thighs and buttocks than hips happens to us that when we buy some pants we love how they fit us BUT surprise: the waist is huge .

It is something that unfortunately happens more times than we would like and we usually use a belt (plus a good dose of resignation) to alleviate it. One idea so that this does not happen to us is to fasten it in the way that Erea Louro indicates in the following video:

But we also have a second trick, use enlargement buttons. The first thing is to find the exact point of the waist of the pants where we would like to fasten them. Once we have located it, we will proceed to place this button, adjusting it as indicated in the instructions and that’s it. This seven-unit model costs 7, 98 euros:

Jeans Buttons, 8 Pieces Metal Buttons, Jeans Button, Jeans Button Set, Seamless and Detachable, Easy to Use, Instantly Adjustable Jeans Size (B)

Print our pants We know that right off the bat you might think we’ve gone from being creative, but no, really. Because you don’t have to paint the Sistine Chapel on the back pocket of your pants to make it stand out. Quite the contrary, many times that the simplest is the most successful. And one of our favorite Instagram accounts to inspire us and learn to stamp and paint our garments is Alabama Banana :

If we want to make more defined prints we can use instead of textile paint, textile markers . Since they are much more precise and allow us a more confident line, especially to those who are starting in the world of painting:

24 Permanent Fabric Markers-APOGO Non-Toxic Indelible Textile Markers for Children Adults Clothing Markers for White T-shirts, Jeans, Shoes , Handbags

Draw and paint pockets If we do not want to change our pants as radically as in the previous option, always we can exclusively paint one or two back pockets . Our advice is the same as with embroidery: the key is to choose patterns that suit our level. And as in everything in life, the most important thing is to start, because nobody is born knowing.

This set of 16 acrylic paint colors special for fabric , it is perfect for redesigning our jeans. Since it is specifically designed to hold up on this material, by 17, 40 euros:

Nazca Colors Permanent and Washable Textile Paint – Set 16 Colors x 30 ml – Acrylic Paint for Fabric ideal for Painting Clothes, T-shirts, Jeans, Sneakers, Textile Accessories – Excellent Coverage

Fray the bottoms This proposal It would make any grandmother in Spain nervous, we know that, but we love frayed hems. It seems to us a way to give a more informal touch to pants , especially jeans, which looks especially good on wider models .

To do it we only need scissors and a lot of patience. Because for it to look good we have to take our time and do it with care . There are hundreds of tutorials on the Internet on how to do it, because each teacher has his booklet.

Patches And finally we turn to a tradition that has been with us for years but that lately is being lost in the meantime fast fashion and consumption: use patches when a hole is made in our pants. Ok, if the hole is in the crotch, for example, we can do little, but if it is in a leg or in the back of the pants it can be very cool.

We can also take advantage of the fact that jackets varsity with their patches are a trend to wear them with total naturalness. Without a doubt the key is to choose patches that we like and reflect our personality to get unique pants.

This pack of 55 patches has a wide variety of models, such as world balls, smilie or hearts, with which we can do and undo as we please. 14, 99 euros.

IMMEK 51 pcs patches, cute sew on patches clothes appliques for clothes jackets hats backpacks jeans, Rainbow Unicorns Dinosaurs Roses Hearts Butterfly Animals Fruits Stars and more

And this other pack includes fewer models, 32 pieces , but some as iconic as the language of the Rolling Stones or Mexican skulls. 10, 89 euros.

Garment Patch Decorative Patches Applique Thermo-adhesive Cute DIY Sew on or Iron on for Clothes T-shirt Jeans Hat Pants Bags 32 pcs

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