Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, the snow or the day to day

Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, snow or everyday life

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, the snow or the day to day here.

Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, snow or day to day

Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, snow or day to day We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, the snow or the day to day Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Six Helly Hansen coats and jackets on sale to face the polar cold, snow or everyday life

The cold is cool if we are in the snow or somewhere naturally polar, like Lapland or some Nordic country, otherwise it’s quite a bummer. Because otherwise the having to wrap up and put on layers and layers of clothing becomes quite heavy , the truth. But hey, since it’s not something we can choose either (unless we’re lucky enough to live in the Canary Islands), it’s time to put up with it and resign ourselves to the best of our smiles.

The possibility of a new Filomena that we have on the horizon is not at all encouraging for the coldest, but it is an opportunity to prepare ourselves and put on our best clothes as far as warm clothing is concerned. Why not, this year does not catch us off guard or off guard .

So let’s take advantage of the sales to get warm coats and polar cold proof. Specifically, today we wanted to focus on the brand Helly Hansen, known worldwide for its coats , jackets and raincoats and these are our favorite reduced models:

First of all, we have this black jacket, ideal for those who prefer to play it safe and invest in a classic and easy-to-match piece to wear it for life. Because after all, what is more versatile than a black quilted coat?

In addition, since it is not as wide as other models we can easily incorporate it into our day to day life and combine it both with jeans and with a look more sporty. It is also available in other colors. From 160 euros 90,67 euros (the price varies depending on the size).

This jacket has been a direct crush because combines several trends that lately invade all our closets as well as our favorite stores: the quilted and the patent leather finish.

And if we add to all this that it is colored black we get a coat versatile , that we can easily carry and combine both thinking of more sporty looks for the snow as for the day to day. But much more different and special than the previous model thanks to its finish. From 200 euros 83,22 euros (the price varies depending on the size).

Quilted jacket with shiny finish

A white coat is always a good idea, whether it is cloth as if it has a more sporty air like this model. It combines the simplicity of the design, with a medium length, pockets and hood, with the elegance of the White.

A color that will stand out we combine it with what we combine it with: mix it with dark tones, as in photography is a safe bet. While wearing it with neutral tones (or with other more lively ones) it will be a balance point in our outfit. From 190 euros 95,88 euros.

If we are looking for something more colorful but without going overboard, this jacket in grey blue will fit perfectly in our wardrobe. Since it is color easy to combine, both with darker and lighter shades, which is will become a wild card when it comes to dressing.

The quilted design, with pockets and the brand logo on the chest, is simple but modern. A safe option both for the snow and for our day to day. From 170 euros 108,52 euros (color varies depending on size).

If you are one of those who prefers the longer coats, of those that our mothers always recommended to us and grandmothers because “they covered the kidneys, and that shelters”, this parka it is ideal. A large coat for when we cannot afford to get even a drop of cold.

At first we liked it a lot because of the color lilac (although it is also available in white and in black, for the most classic), but its pockets and hood are the ones that complete the design. From 180 euros 140 euros (the price may vary depending on the size).

And finally, as a much lighter option than all the previous ones, we have this waterproof jacket . It is designed to repel rain and protect us from the wind, so we can comfortably take it to the mountains (or to work when the wind picks up in the morning).

The quilted design with rhombuses reminds us of the classic style jackets old money that we like so much and the purple is simply ideal. Perfect to have a dark garment in our wardrobe without resorting to black. From 160 euros 88,16 euros (the price varies depending on the size).

Purple waterproof jacket

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