Simple knob models are one of the subjects we always need! We need not only wedding buns and evening dresses, but also daily plain bun models. The plain bun models that we have liked so far are combined with the 2021  trends. We have prepared a great file for you by combining simple bun models and the most trendy bun models! If you also like simple, elegant and practical bun looks in your hair, this article is for you!

Flowing water stops when it comes to plain knob models. Fortunately, in 2021, plain bun models are back in fashion and we, as bun-lovers, have our favorite hairstyle! Although we are always open to new trends, we cannot give up classic and simple hairstyles. Let’s examine the simple bun models, which are the crown of special occasions such as weddings and engagements.

Simple bun models for brides

Half bun

Simple knob models 2020

If you like messy bun models, you can choose the half bun hairstyle for bridal hair. To look plain at your wedding, bun hairstyles should be away from the evening dress look. Instead of evening dress bun models, you should prefer bun models that are more natural and do not look like built.

Classic bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 1

It does not matter whether it is summer or winter, the classic bridal bun can always be preferred. We love the classic bun models that can keep up with every season and wedding venue. For the classic bridal bun to look natural and simple, you should use hairspray that does not leave residue on the hair. Thanks to L’Oréal Paris Elseve Elnett Strong Hold and Esktra Volume Hair Spray , your hair will look flawless throughout the night.

Braided bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 4

To add a little modern touch to the plain bun model, you can try the bun models braided styles. This bun model, which looks very simple and elegant, can be a great alternative for poolside weddings. By loosening your braids, you will look more shabby and natural. You can add hair accessories to this hairstyle to make it more romantic.

Bun in the nape

Simple knob models 2020 - 5

Bun models are a very sensitive issue for brides . While researching bun models , you should choose bridal hair models that suit you. The bun model that looks great on someone else may not look like that on you. The bun model on the nape is especially suitable for round face lines. After having a bun at the nape, you can release thin strands of hair in the front of your hair.

Voluminous bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 6

When you want to emphasize the volume and strength of your hair, you can choose this simple bun model that looks like a seashell. This hairstyle, which looks great especially on dark hair, will look great in backless wedding dresses. If you want to add movement in front of your hair, you can remove thin strands of hair. 

XXL bun


Simple knob models 2020 - 9

For brides who will wear fluffy wedding dresses, we recommend large, voluminous and assertive bun models. We strongly recommend this among both large and simple bun models! You can choose the XXL voluminous knob, which is one of the first buns that comes to mind when it comes to the bride , for winter and autumn weddings.

Twisted bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 10

Scattered knob models suitable for spring and summer months will go well with your evening dress style. Don’t forget to pull tiny tufts through your hair to give your twisted bun a messy look. You should definitely add

Simple knob models for invitations

Triple bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 11

If you want to add a little modern touch to the simple bun model, you should try the triple bun hairstyle! If you want the half-bun models to support the evening dress look, you can only make a bun on the top of your hair. It will be enough to wave your underlying hair.

Round bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 12

Although the top knobs are popular in the invitations, the knob models look more elegant than us when they are from the bottom. To make your bun look rounded and plump, we suggest you add some volume with a crepe comb before picking up your hair.

Knotted bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 13

If you have medium hair, you can easily try the knotted hairstyle. ‘ How are plain knob models made?’ we seem to hear you ask. Here is the answer!

Straighten your hair first, then pass it through each other as if you were tying a knot. Finally, by spraying fixing spray on your hair, you can look flawless all day long. The knotted hairstyle will be your savior on days when you will continue from day to night.

Braided bun

,Simple knob models 2020 - 14

Although some bun models may seem easy, you realize that it is not that easy when you start doing it. You may need to analyze the length of your hair well for the braided bun model. You should start knitting by separating your hair perfectly so that one side of your braids is short and the other side is not long.

Elegan bun


Simple knob models 2020 - 15

You can get an elegant bun by twisting your hair. The elegant bun is especially suitable for women who have coloring techniques such as balayage or ombre in their hair.

Minimal bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 16

All you need for an elegant and minimal bun is your cool hair accessories! Place the pearl, rhinestone and floral hair accessories around your bun and you’re ready!

Simple daily bun models

Shabby bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 17

You can’t get that bun you made when you’re late for school when the weekend comes, right? The trick of that bun that he doesn’t want so much is that his hair is clean and full. Throw your clean hair to the front to add volume, then tidy it up.

Double bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 18

The double bun models are the savior of our daily life! Those who love fun hairstyles should try the double bun model. Don’t forget to fix the duo bun model with  Thanks to the valuable argan oil in the content of the hair spray, your hair will look stable all day long without any damage.

Half bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 19

‘Are bun models suitable for short hair ?’ Of course yes! You can especially do the half bun hairstyle for short and medium hair.

Ballerina bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 20

Among the easiest and most practical knob models is the ballerina knob. You can do the ballerina bun not only above but also on your neck.

Above the bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 21

You can use the bun model above to make your eyes and upper face look more slanting and younger.

Braided daily bun

Simple knob models 2020 - 22

Bun models, who like the messy style, can get tiny hair strands from the braided daily bun model.