Signal makes cryptocurrency payments available – RB

Signal makes cryptocurrency payments available – RB

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Signal makes cryptocurrency payments available – RB

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Signal makes cryptocurrency payments available – RB


Signal has enabled MOB cryptocurrency payments via chat: sending money is quick and easy, but keeps your privacy and personal information safe

12 January 2022

Signal is a messaging application alternative to WhatsApp, which is slowly carving out an important space thanks to the attention it reserves to its users, to their privacy and their security . In fact, it uses encryption protocols which are used to keep communication between subscribers confidential, unlike well-known apps such as Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct.

Lately, the intention to integrate a feature that allows you to exchange money between users via chat in a simple and fast way has aroused a lot of interest. It seems that it will finally be able to be used all over the world and, as always, Signal guarantees maximum security and respect for privacy . Hence, all user information will remain confidential and transaction validation hides the actual amount. Furthermore, it is possible to make payments in MOB cryptocurrency even for small purchases and without ever being tracked thanks to a particular mixing system .

Signal, cryptocurrency payments arrive

Back in April, Signal announced its intention to introduce a payments functionality within the messaging app. The company anticipated that using it would be as easy as sending or receiving a message, and that it would make use of a privacy-centric protocol .

After months of testing, the MobileCoin wallet has finally been integrated into Signal and is available for users all over the world using the beta version of the app . Just open the chat, click on the “+” icon and then on ” payment “to send money to a person.

MobileCoin also has its own cryptocurrency which takes the name of MOB and is only supported by some platforms, such as FTX and BitFinex.

Signal, how safe are cryptocurrency payments

According to Josh Goldbard , founder of MobileCoin, payments through Signal are already very successful and thousands of transactions are completed per day .

As for security, it would be a much more private system than Bitcoin , because it is able to hide transactions , making it more difficult to track them. . Furthermore, thanks to Bulletproofs , it is possible to validate a payment without revealing its value .

Signal does not intend in any way to access user data, who will be able to keep their balance and transaction history confidential. Furthermore, you are allowed to transfer your funds to another service at any time.