Show off your new iPad in style with these 41 tricks and tutorials

Show off your new iPad in style with these 76 cheats and tutorials

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Premiere your new iPad in style with these 41 tricks and tutorials here.

Premiere your new iPad in style with these 41 tricks and tutorials

Show off your new iPad in style with these 76 cheats and tutorials We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Show off your new iPad in style with these 41 tips and tutorials Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Launch your new iPad in style with these
So they gave you an iPad this Christmas. It is a gift, and it can be much more than you expect. Or maybe you think that iPad is destined to be a mere multimedia terminal that you will leave lying on the sofa? No sir: you are facing what may well be a computer if your needs are general. And to prove it, there goes a good list of tutorials and tricks for you to get the most out of that new iPad .

The best tricks and hidden functions to release your new iPad

General system use

  • If this iPad is your first Apple device, the first thing you will have to do is create a free Apple ID .
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in iCloud to transfer data from your old iPad to your new one via backup: Apple gives you a cable without you having to pay anything.
  • Remember: backing up your iPad is essential. If you don’t do it on a Mac, the best thing to do is use iCloud .
  • If you slide your finger down the main screen you will invoke the Spotlight search engine , which will allow you to find applications just by typing them .
  • From that same search engine you have a calculator and universal converter of units: just write the operation or whatever you want to convert (either currencies or units of measure) and the result will appear automatically.
  • A of the main new features of iPadOS 15 are their modes of concentration . We teach you how to configure and use them so that you do not get distracted.
  • If you decide to subscribe to one or more Apple services, you can use the balance of your Apple ID to better control the recurring payments of each installment.
  • You can enable Safari autofill to navigate more comfortably.
  • The Files app is more powerful than you think: you can use it on your iPad to merge several PDFs into one .
  • Has something gone wrong? Don’t worry: you can reinstall iPadOS from scratch . And remember that you can contact the technical service for free from Apple whenever you want.

Messaging and privacy

  • If you start using iMessage, remember that you can see the sending time of each message easily.
  • Another useful iMessage detail: automatically delete old messages so that the service does not collapse your iCloud storage.
  • The Memoji do not have to be exclusive to iMessage: teaches you how to send them on Telegram.
  • Mail on iPad allows us to hide our email address to filter all the SPAM we can.

  • Be careful with notifications: they are responsible for many distractions. and leave only those you need.
  • You can also learn how to use the announce notifications via Siri , something you can customize.
  • Would you rather not see the links that your contacts have shared with you? You can disable it .
  • Maybe you have made a purchase in the App Store that you want to keep a secret from the rest of the family. No problem, you can hide it
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  • If you’ve been using a VPN and prefer to uninstall it, here’s how delete your profile in the system .
  • We understand that you may be fed up with applications that constantly ask you to value them in the App Store. There is a way to block it
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Productivity and customization

  • You can access the Notes application to quickly write text from the iPad’s locked screen. .
  • Your iPad can be a perfect complement to control HomeKit from the couch. Here you have to be able to create and customize your scenes.
  • Also in the Home application you can customize the icons of each accessory .
  • Is the text too small in any application? Quiet, you can customize text size individually.
  • If you use the dark theme on iPadOS but you don’t like the notes to have that black background, you can adjust it .
  • Reminders can be an excellent task manager, but you can always print your lists if you are one of those who is too used to using paper and pencil.

  • Language is not limit: applications can have priority languages ​​in your iPad .
  • Everything you download from Safari on your iPad goes to a folder called downloads that you can find in the Files application. We teach you how to access it .
  • Do you have to do paperwork with the Treasury? Your iPad is capable of working with digital certificates from the Tax Agency without problems.
  • Contact groups may be complicated for you. You always can organize your contacts through emojis .

Photos and multimedia

  • If you organize the photographs in detail from your iPad, you can choose the cover photo of each album.
  • Remember that you can send videos to the iPad from a computer without the need for AirDrop or cables. Here is the secret .
  • If you want to customize the Memories that have been automatically generated on the iPhone, remember that you can do it by selecting the images that appear in them.
  • iCloud allows you to share your photo albums. We teach you the ultimate guide for you to master this feature.
  • YouTube limiting background playback is not an impediment for you to use it. We teach you to be able to listen to the videos of the service from a locked screen.
  • SharePlay is your option if what you are looking for is power share what you’re seeing or hearing in a FaceTime call. You can even share the device’s own screen .
  • Do you want to download YouTube videos directly to iPad without needing a computer? There is a Telegram bot that can help you with that .
  • If you use Apple Music, you can enable spatial audio of your songs without problem. Ideal if you use good headphones.
  • If otherwise you have unlimited storage, it is best to optimize the storage of your songs on the iPad. You can do it with this guide .
  • Apple TV may show you movies and series in a language or with subtitles that are not you want to use. You can easily change it .
  • By last , if your old iPad still lives, you can re-adapt it to be a photo frame .

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