Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles: the most beautiful cuts for short hair

Short hairstyles – great ideas for every type

Short hairstyles are not only practical, they also look great and are modern. Whether short page cut, garcon, pixie, undercut, fluffy great with graduated top hair, mushroom head or strictly geometric pony party – our hairstyles prove how sophisticated they can look. Because with the right short hairstyle, the face really comes into its own. A pixie cut emphasizes fine facial features, an asymmetrical cut emphasizes strong facial contours. It is important to pay attention to the shape of the face when choosing short haircuts. (Festive Hairstyles)

Are you unsure whether short hair suits you?

It is always important to clarify the type question. Self-assessment is required here. Am I more of a rocker type, do I like it a little quieter, am I impatient or trend-oriented? The choice of hairstyle is often based on this, because it simply has to match the personality. The ear-length bob hairstyle with bangs fits perfectly with an extrovert personality, the classic short bob more for classic types. And the hairstyle has to match the job somehow. The undercut may not be for the classic, serious career, and the mullet also needs a creative environment. For those who love the undercut: the new hairstyle trend is the glitter undercut . The mushroom head, also affectionately called pisspot cut , is a great solution for everyone who wants it serious during the day and rocking in the evening. Especially popular with the stars: the Garcon. With longer cover hair and shorter sides, it is also an elegant short hairstyle for fine hair that is easy to style. We also have ideas for short hair with bangs – because they are so wonderfully diverse!

Short haircuts that make you happy

Life changes are often THE opportunity for a new beauty look – and the loss of a few centimeters in length. New cut, new life – time to visit the hairdresser! Relief on the head often brings a new freshness to everyday life. The pixie against lovesickness, the layered top hair when starting a new job – it sounds banal, but a short haircut has a greater psychological function than we assume! On top of that, short hair is easier to care for – a huge plus point for hair lengths between one and ten centimeters.

By the way: Short hairstyles for thin hair are particularly beautiful. Because bob and head can cheat some volume, which would have been missing with a long hairstyle.

Haircuts like the pixie require courage because they change the type

Admittedly, it takes some courage to part with a long hair, but it’s worth it. It is not for nothing that the most watched episode in each “Germanys Next Top Model” season is that of the makeover. Every year it proves how emotional the topic of hair is!

Hair colors for short hair

Short cut hair looks particularly modern if you give it strong hair colors, for example with color accents in red or brown tones, but a platinum blonde is also pretty cool. Highlights are a sensitive topic, because the lack of cover hair does not allow the play of colors in the hair to work as well. Strip alarm threatens.

One color was hot this year in 2017: rose gold . Anyone who wears his turbulent cut in this delicate copper blonde or ash blonde is one of the trendsetters. 2018 is metallic hair (tones with metallic pigments, especially in silver, bronze and rose), dark red tones (intense copper is back!), Pastel colors are coming in spring, but also exciting new blends such as dark blonde with red streaks .

By the way, you shouldn’t worry about what happens when you are tired of short hair. There are really great transition hairstyles for that . But you often have to invest a little time: Because with a transition length, you should blow-dry the hair properly with a round brush and give it a proper styling. So the often hated intermediate length can be bridged without any problems.

How do I style short hair?

Styling is very important for short women’s hairstyles . Sometimes fashionable short hairstyles actually do more work than hairstyles for long hair . Because they look better, well styled. Styling products and tools of all kinds are used.

Salt or sugar sprays, for example, are great for short, fine hair that needs more structure, because they give the hair more stability. Stubborn, thick hair can be perfectly shaped with hair wax or gel.

If you have oily hair , you should only put the products in the tips of the hair and not at the roots. If the hair is to be styled from the face, the classic hairspray is of course recommended for better durability. If you do not want to wash your hair every day, but still need volume: dry shampoo acts on the hairline against re-greasing, but (carefully dosed) it can also make the top hair a little more grippy. Hair powder also achieves the effect.

Thick hair likes to stick out on all sides in the morning. Taming is in the foreground. Depending on the hairstyle, you can briefly moisten and re-style the hair (with a flat iron or large round brush and hair dryer), with hair wax in the tips and a little styling spray so that the amount of hair remains under control during the day.

Flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron?

Everything can also be used on styling tools : straightening irons and the like bring volume to the head and shape the great perfectly. Ideal for short hair are curling irons with a small diameter, conical rods or models with hairdressing tongs. Don’t forget the heat protection spray, otherwise the hot irons will attack the hair too much. The straightener can shape the top hair perfectly, the bangs are crucial for the look in many short haircuts.

Short hair and curls – do they go together?

Not only straight hair can be short, curly looks great with the right short haircut. Layered hairstyles really get the curls into shape. Always take into account when cutting: the contraction of the curls naturally makes the hair look shorter, especially when it is cut wet. Even the most experienced hairdressers sometimes miscalculate. You know the intensity of your curls best, just point them out before you cut your hair.