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Shania Twain talks about her ‘wonderful life’: ‘It’s a Renaissance time for me’

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After being in the music business for 30 years, it seems Shaina Twain has he finally hit his stride.

“I have truly found such a wonderful life,” the singer, 57, who is married to Frederic Thiebaud52, told People in their new cover story. “It’s like a period of rebirth for me. To experience it again as a relevant artist, it’s gratifying. I feel a renewed confidence. I have nothing more to prove and I feel free in that.”

The Canadian native started singing at just 8 years old and her mother, Sharonand the stepfather, Jerry, who died when she was 22, was there for her every step of the way. “He was like, ‘This is all I know how to do. I have to support the kids.’ This has given me a fearless motivation and frame of mind, because when you have no choice, you do got to make it — and that’s what I did,” she shared.

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Fortunately, the “From This Moment On” singer has released her second LP, The woman in mein the 1990s, propelling her to stardom when she released her third album, come up.

However, not all of them were satisfied with his melodies. “It was very insulting to be thought of as a modeling artist, that it took one man or a team to model me,” the star noted. “I bit my tongue a lot. But when you’re in the industry from a young age as a woman, you really learn how to let yourself be rolled off your back.”

Twain also had dealings with her Robert “Mutt” Lange treason with his close friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

“It was a very low period in my life,” Twain said. However, she later found love with Marie-Anne’s husband Frédéric as they both understood what each other was going through.

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To make matters worse, Twain had open throat surgery in 2018, but has since come out the other end.

“I may not be able to do that [sing] forever, but now I’m just enjoying where I am‘ she admitted. ‘All these years later, I’m still here, almost in a bigger way, and I’m embracing it.’