Seven Sex Positions To Warm Up During The Cold Wave -!

December has come in strong, with a cold wave that hits us and takes away the desire to make plans. We just want to take refuge under the sheets and spend the weekend warm there, but sex can also be a way of taking the cold out of our body.

Series like Sex / Life have served as inspiration , and we have even told you about the most searched sexual positions on Google. In summer we worry that you won’t get too hot and now it’s time to find sexual positions with which the cold won’t be a problem , because they are the kind with which we generate a lot of heat.

The bow

You will enter into heat for sure, because it is one of the postures sex with a lot of movement and with which you will burn a lot of calories . It consists of hooking each other, holding each other with your arms. Let me explain: whoever penetrates is going to be placed on his back, with his ass supported and his legs bent 90 degrees. It will support the arms stretched out so the torso is raised and the person who is penetrated will be positioned the same, hooking. if you did a flexion but inverted. You will warm up not only because of the excitement, but also because of the effort .

Under the shower What if we practice under a hot shower? The postures standing in the shower are fun, exciting and you will get warm for sure. You can make a position against the shower wall (like the classic puppy but standing) or try the dancers (standing and facing each other).

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The lotus flower In addition to one of the most intimate positions , this position is perfect because you will be hugging your partner and it is very simple. On the bed, the person below sits cross-legged and the person above sits on top, hugging their waist with their straddle legs, as if it were a variation of the Amazon posture .

It is important that you are well attached and that the movements go to the beat. Try to start very slowly in this position, because it is perfect to feel everything and to generate a very special connection with your partner. You are facing each other and close together, so it couldn’t be more romantic.

The missionary

Pegaditos. So you will be with this classic of sexual positions in which you will find yourself face to face and body to body . One lying on his back and the other on top, so this way you will keep warm. Being a position in which there is little movement, you can practice it under the duvet without fear of destroying the bed. An extra: from this position and if you are a penis-vagina couple, you can try coital alignment. It is very worth it.

The 68 As we have already told you, not everything is penetration in sex , and this position is an ideal example. Although the Not being cold can be great, today we bring a different and fun variant. In the 68 we will have the same position as the 69 but the person upstairs will turn and face the ceiling just thinking of enjoying.

The spoon Lying on the bed, sideways and under the warmest blanket we have. This is how this posture begins in which we will place ourselves close to our partner who will be located right behind us, with his chest resting on our back. Ideal for the person behind to stimulate the body of the person in front in any erogenous zone.

Do not think of this position only with penetration , it is perfect for masturbating your partner , to stimulate their whole body and to practice that slow sex that is talked about so much now.

The ride We continue under the covers, without passing a drop of cold , and we try a position now that requires a little more physical effort than the missionary and the spoon, because whoever is placed on top will work the core over fire . We will position ourselves as with the position of the spoon, but this time looking up.

It is a slight variation of the inverted rider because whoever is up will be positioned with the legs stretched and keeping the torso slightly raised, as if doing Pilates. If you get tired, you can always lie on your partner and let him hug.

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