Seven brushes with which it is very easy to apply the shadows and achieve a professional result -!

Eye makeup is not always easy, overdoing it or leaving cuts is something very common, especially if we are not too skilled at smoking. But nothing happens, there are many brushes that help and a lot so that the result is almost like that of a professional, so much so that they manage to apply the product little by little and practically blurred , without any type of cut and leave the shadows fully integrated. With these seven brushes you will see how you become the queen of smoke eyes .

– Sharp Blurring Brush E 40 by Sigma , is without a doubt one of my brushes favorites, let’s say practically this brush does all the work for you. Any shadow that you apply with it, is already directly blurred and perfectly integrated thanks to its soft and flexible bristles , that’s why I love it, because Even the most powerful and pigmented shadows are perfectly worked. Price 11, 95 euros.

Sharp Blurring Brush E 40 by Sigma

– NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush , this brush is quite similar to the previous one but more compact and its bristles have more consistency, so is more precise and more pigment is loaded . The shadows apply great and work very well; and like Sigma the product is already blurred. Price 8, 45 euros.

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush

– Beter Shadow Blurring Brush , this brush has been designed to blur shadows, its bristles are flexible and soft, so this function is great. It is perfect for those who want to deposit the shadows little by little and gradually increase the intensity, or to eliminate any cut since it integrates great any product. Price 2, 95 euros.

Beter Shadow Blur Brush

– Sigma Beauty E Eyeshadow Brush 25 Blending Brush , this is another Sigma brush that I really like, especially when looking for a more pigmented and powerful result. Its flat shape makes it take more product and deposit a greater amount on the eyelids, of course, without leaving cuts, since its flexible bristles manage to work the product perfectly. Price 11, 45 euros.

Sigma Beauty E Eyeshadow Brush 25 Blending Brush

– BareMinerals Shadow Blurring Eye Brush , here one of the brightest brushes versatile, its flat shape is perfect for taking product and blending, while its pointed shape achieves greater precision and creates more intense results. Its bristles are compact so it can be smoked very powerful and ragged. Price 18, 45 euros.

bareMinerals Shadow Blending Eye Brush

– Real Techniques Shadow Brush + Blender Kit , this duo could not miss for me. Since I have it I have not stopped using it. Both brushes work great for both powder and cream products. With the brush on the left the shadows with greater intensity of pigment are applied but with a fairly blurred and clean result, while with the brush on the right the result It is much more blurred and transparent , ideal for eliminating any cut or making the banana. Price 6, 95 euros.

Real Techniques Shadow Brush + Blender Kit

– Real Techniques Setting Brush 402 , this brush had to put it in yes or yes, even though it is not a brush, you don’t know how much it helps me to integrate the shadows, even when I have gone too far with the amount it seems to do magic . Being larger than a brush, in one stroke I cover the entire eyelid and at the same time the shadows are deposited blurred. Without forgetting that I also love this brush for what it was designed for, to apply powder or highlighter. Price 4, 99 euros.

Real Techniques – Setting Brush for sealing makeup – 375

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