Seven Autonomous Communities already have more employees than before the pandemic

Madrid, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, Extremadura, Asturias and La Rioja, in the lead The Murcian region is the one with the highest occupancy rate, according to Fedea In the second quarter of this year there was a measure 19, 67 million people employed in Spain, according to the Labor Force Survey (EPA), which means 133 . 500 below the 19, 80 millions of the same quarter ago two years when there was no pandemic. Although it also implies that more than a million jobs have been recovered over the second quarter of 2020 when the alarm state was decreed. However, the recovery in employment is uneven. According to a report by Fedea exploiting data from the EPA in June there were already seven autonomous communities with more occupied than in the second quarter of 2019. The other ten remaining still have not reached pre-Covid employment levels.

The economic think tank concludes that by number of jobs the Community of Madrid is the one that has recorded a greater recovery , as the average number of employed persons in the second quarter of this year exceeded 31. 000 to the second quarter of 2019. The Region of Murcia is the second , with 26. 500 Busy more; Castilla-La Mancha closed the second quarter with 18. 000 people working more than in 2009, Andalusia 18. 800 more occupied, Extremadura has 6. 500 , Asturias 3. 900 and La Rioja, per hundred more employed persons, is placed among the communities that exceed the figures for the second quarter of 2019.

However, according to Fedea’s analysis, if measured by the occupancy rate , only four regions exceed the figures of two years ago , since in the Community of Madrid and Andalusia the number of employed persons in relation to the all citizens of working age is still lower than two years ago.

Fedea highlights the case of the Region of Murcia . Not only exceeds by about 27. 000 jobs from two years ago, also placed 5. 000 above the second quarter of 2007 (with a maximum of 20, 58 millions of employed persons), but also is the one with the best performance in terms of activity rate , since it exceeds by 1, 24 basis points the record of 2019. However, the Community of Madrid is the community with the highest occupancy rate, the 55, 95%, front to the national average of 50, 63%. Among the worst placed, the Canary Islands has in June 71. 400 jobs less than two years ago, the Valencian Community 36. 400, the Basque Country 31. 100 and Castilla y León is 24. 500 busy below 2019.

Fedea not only highlights the differences in the recovery of employment in regional terms, also by gender. The female employment not only has it exceeded the second quarter occupancy figures of 2019 -8. 000 jobs more- is that is placed at the top of the EPA record . In the second quarter of 2021 there were 9. 063. in the second trimester series. The previous record, of 2019, was 9. 55. 000 . Male employment is 141. jobs below the numbers from 2019 and away from 2009, 2008 Y 2007.


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