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Serious changes are coming to tap water

The main problem stems from the fact that the structure of the city has changed significantly in the last nearly 25 years, and consumer habits have also changed. Water consumption is reduced, which, due to the oversized network, has resulted in

the water stays in the pipes longer and the flow rate decreases. This also affects the quality of the water.

That is why the works partly involve the replacement of oversized pipe sections with smaller diameters.

In order to ensure long-term water quality, the replacement of the existing lead-containing pipes continues with the replacement of 2,956 lead connections.

The construction started already in 2021, and the work with the greatest traffic restrictions started in February of this year at the exit of highway 6. The execution of this section is the XXII. It is coordinated with the planned renovation of Mária Terézia út.

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