Serena Rossi, no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I'm not complaining” – RB

Serena Rossi, no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I’m not complaining” – RB

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Serena Rossi , no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I’m not complaining” – RB

Serena Rossi, no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I’m not complaining” – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Serena Rossi, no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I’m not complaining” – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Serena Rossi, no wedding with Davide Devenuto: “But I’m not complaining” – RB

Diabolik, Miriam Leone e Serena Rossi col tailleur di tendenza: incantevoli Diabolik, Miriam Leone and Serena Rossi with trendy suit: enchanting How can we forget the very romantic moment in which Davide Devenuto promised to marry his beloved? It’s been almost three years, but he and Serena Rossi are not yet married: the splendid actress, who actually dreamed of this girlish wedding so much, has revealed the reasons why – at least momentarily – everything is postponed to an unspecified future. .

Serena Rossi, skip the wedding

Well yes, next February it will already be three years from the marriage proposal which had conquered everyone. Guest at Domenica In , the beautiful Serena had received a live phone call with which Davide Devenuto promised to finally take the plunge. Excited, the actress was nothing short of incredulous. But Aunt Mara – witness of this romantic moment – had confirmed the veracity of what was happening. Why, therefore, Rossi and her partner have not yet married ?

The health emergency that we have been experiencing for many months now has certainly put a spoke in the wheel , but there is something more. In an interview with the weekly Di Più Tv , the actress revealed: “For now the wedding is not scheduled and I have also stopped wondering if and when there will be. But I’m not complaining: Davide and I are fine like this, we are happy and we have a wonderful son. After all I would have little time to organize my wedding , because for the next few months I am already full of commitments “.

Indeed, Serena Rossi is working at incredible rates . His career literally took off a few years ago, and now he can boast a lot of interesting experiences in his CV. From the movie I am Mia , in which she dressed the role of the protagonist Mia Martini, in some very successful TV series ( Mina Settembre among all), Rossi is always divided between one set and another. And she did not miss other wonderful occasions , like that of interpreting the role of godmother at the Venice Film Festival 2021 , or to conduct one’s own show, Secret Song .

Serena Rossi, the love story with Davide

But her thousands of television engagements have never kept Serena too long away from her loved ones. First of all Davide Devenuto , famous actor of Un Posto Al Sole : it is precisely on the set of the Italian soap opera that the two met, in the distant 2008. There wasn’t a good feeling between them right from the start, but in a short time they became great friends. And when they both found themselves single, the spark broke out. In love, in 2017 they enlarged the family welcoming little Diego . And now Rossi has admitted ready to become a mother once again, aware that this could mean putting her career on standby for a while.

For the wedding, however, still nothing to do. She and Davide have already spent many years together , and it will certainly not be a missed ceremony to make their love less solid. For the moment, Serena will have to content herself with wearing her wedding dress only on the set: in these days her new fiction is awaited, entitled precisely The Bride , who sees her as the protagonist of a truly enchanting wedding . Hoping that this bodes well for his future.