School ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the next few weeks – RB

The school ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the next few weeks – RB

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School ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the next few weeks – RB

The school ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the next few weeks – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. School ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the coming weeks – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

School ballet: back to Dad? What will happen in the next few weeks – RB

School chaos once again. A “severed” return, one could say, that of yesterday 10 January. According to the estimates of the principals, the absences of ATA professors and staff throughout Italy are around 10 %. Same goes for the students, where the percentage is very similar.

Are you back in Dad?

Many classes already in Dad , and a lack of staff everywhere, with enormous difficulties in finding alternates of absent professors, in particular when the latter are suspended because over 50 who do not want to get vaccinated (the anti-Covid vaccine for the over 50 is now established by law and in force). “Suspended staff can return as soon as they get vaccinated and substitutes tend not to accept assignments whose minimum duration is unknown”, explain the principals.

But in the press conference on the sidelines of the new anti-Covid measures introduced by the government, Prime Minister Mario Draghi himself strenuously defends the school in attendance. “It makes no sense to close the school before everything else, there are no reasons to do so, the situation is very different thanks to vaccines and the government has priority that the school is open in the presence” he says.

As for distance learning , it is clear how exacerbates inequalities : “It is enough to look at the effects of the inequality between students created by Dad last year to be convinced that this school system causes inequalities destined to remain”. And although “probably” there will be an increase in Dad in the next few weeks , but “the generalized recourse to distance learning is to be rejected” clarifies the premier.

Schools reopened in Campania: why the TAR rejected the order of De Luca

In all regions, the school system is exploding. And the new quarantine rules, however expected and sensible, are already shaping up to be a source of further disasters.

But in the meantime the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca comes rejected by the Tar . The schools of all levels, from Tuesday 11 January, have also reopened throughout Campania . The fifth section of the Campania TAR accepted the appeal, presented by some parents against the order of the President of the Region, in the part in which it refers to 29 January the resumption of face-to-face teaching for kindergartens, elementary and middle schools.

The Tar decree establishes the immediate restoration of the methods of presentation and use of educational, school and didactic services. So this morning they reopened crèches, kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Campania region.

The ordinance signed on January 8 by the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, writes the president of the fifth section of the Campania TAR, is “clearly contrasting with the choices, policies, made at the level of primary legislation, moreover an accident in such a way evidently impacting on the uniform levels (at national level) of use of public services, including school services “.

And in fact Campania was the only Italian Region not to reopen schools on 10 January, with the sole exception of Sicily , which postponed the return for three days, but since it is an autonomous Region it enjoys different autonomy powers.

According to the TAR of Campania, the legislation of primary rank, and therefore superordinate with respect to the possible exercise of administrative power, specifically regulates the management of services and educational activities in constant pandemic, in order to ‘prevent contagion’ and to guarantee, at the same time, their fulfillment ‘in presence’ “. This excludes the possibility of ordinances that regulate the same sectors of activity differently.

that provided for the case in point and regulated it “.

This is not the case, according to the Campania TAR, as the decree law issued by the Draghi government took into account the specific emergency and regulated the school sector precisely in the case taken into consideration by the contested ordinance, i.e. the permanence of the state emergency with all that follows: possible increase in infections, load on health facilities, difficulties in transport and so on.

Finally then Campania is not classified in the red zone and therefore the only figure of the increase in infections, not even specifically referring to the school population and moreover not even certain, explains the TAR, they do not produce the situation of extraordinary exceptionality that could possibly allow an exception to the national law.

“Furthermore, there is no outbreak or risk specifically referred to the school population, generally understood,” says the TAR ruling. According to the administrative judge, the suspension of teaching in the presence decided by the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca “does not even seem to imply a complete assessment of adequacy and proportionality”.

Return to school still postponed to Sicily?

While in Campania the governor is forced to take a step back, in Sicily the regional councilor for education, Roberto Lagalla, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the academic year in Palermo, instead put forward the hypothesis of a possible further postponement of the return to school on the Island, which as we said had already been moved by 3 days. Maybe, he says, two more days.

“Some believe that this postponement is instrumental and that it cannot change anything during the three days but if we refer to what is requested by the principals and local administrations unanimously, that is, to have sufficient time to apply the new and different management methods quarantines and anti-Covid services within schools, also evaluating the available staff, here I think 3 days and maybe even 5 are technically important “he said.

Meanwhile the mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca anticipated everyone and established the school stop in attendance from 13 to 23 January included , for all schools, public and private, of all levels, due to the increase in infections.

Dad risk: here’s how to avoid it

Meanwhile, “the forecasts of the specialized magazine Tuttoscuola speak of 200 thousand classes in Dad within 7 days from today . An easy prediction to make by looking at the infections “, said the president of the National Presidia Association, Antonello Giannelli , to Rainews 24.

The principals asked for a stop at the school for at least two weeks, even several doctors were of the same idea. “What the government did not want to do, the pandemic will do – continued Giannelli -. In my opinion it would have been preferable to postpone the opening of 2-3 weeks to achieve the objectives that are currently not are achieved “.

What to do according to the association of principals? Provide schools with a Sidi (Education Information System) functionality that allows them to promptly identify the vaccination status of pupils , equip all pupils and all employees with FFP2 masks (here where FFP2 are mandatory and how much really protect us) and include parapharmacies among those authorized to carry out Covid swabs .

Suggestions that were reported to the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi during an official meeting. Bianchi said he was willing to discuss the proposals in the government.