This 2021 the Super Bowl has not only generated excitement for the performances, the announcements and the game itself, the eyes were on a woman on the field. Sarah Thomas, 47, made history a few hours ago by being the first woman to join the match’s referee squad.

With six years behind her in the NFL, the announcement of Sarah’s incorporation to the game became official a few weeks ago. The referee had already made history several times before in her life. She became the first woman to participate in a college football game, in 2015 she was the first referee in the NFL and in 2019, the first woman to whistle in a playoff game.

Thomas has been standing out in the world of American football since he was introduced to it. In 2006 Gerry Austin invited her to an officer camp where she impressed with her abilities and she was hired at the NCAA Conference USA. She also served on softball and basketball teams at the University of Mobile.

Thomas has been able to break barriers time and time again in one of the traditionally more masculine sectors: American football. Her brilliant career has done a lot to end the glass ceiling and paves the way for other women in the sport.

The American football league is currently promoting women and in addition to Sarah, last August, in the game between the Cleveland Browns and Washington Football Team, there were four other women who participated between the refereeing and the coaching staff.