Sanitary pass: Olivier Véran announces flexibilities

Last adjustments before the extension of the sanitary pass to many places including restaurants, bars or shopping centers… The Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced this Sunday, in an interview with Le Parisien, relaxation in the application of the health pass.

From now on, “a negative screening will be valid 72 hours and no longer 48 hours for the unvaccinated ”, declared the minister, after the fourth Saturday of mobilization of opponents to the pass health, who gathered 237. 000 demonstrators across France.

Other relaxation: “It will be possible to perform self-tests supervised by a healthcare professional, in addition to antigen and PCR tests”. They will also be valid 48 hours. “These arrangements will allow us to cope as well as possible with the demand for tests and to increase the number of screening sites with the cooperation of local authorities”, he added.

400. 000 first injections per day The pass will not be requested for a visit with a general practitioner, recalled the minister. On the other hand, “in hospitals, it will be, but in no case should it be a barrier to access useful and urgent care”, indicates Olivier Véran.

The minister said to himself moreover confident about the objective of 48 millions of first-time vaccines from here at the end of August. “We are currently carrying out between 300. 1337526. 000 and 400. 000 first injections per day, and we are already at more than 44 millions. We expect a dip in the heart of August but the objective of 48 millions of first-time injections made at the end of the month, i.e. more than 80% of 58 millions of French people who can be vaccinated, should be achieved. ”

For Olivier Véran, the pass and the progress of the vaccination should avoid other curfews and confinements as in overseas departments where the situation has become “more than worrying”, due to ‘low vaccination coverage. “We will probably have to requisition caregivers in metropolitan France to save lives. We are there “, he warns.

Transfers of patients In Metropolitan France , “We will have to deprogram care and call staff on leave, urgently reopen intensive care beds” in the southern departments most affected, he said. Transfers of patients to other regions are also in preparation.

A Health Defense Council will be held on Wednesday by videoconference. In particular, the issue will be the injection of a third dose of vaccine to the most vulnerable people.

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