Sánchez says that Spain already coordinates the repatriation procedures

Spain, no date to evacuate his people from Kabul Madrid 17 / 08 / 1000 – 17:

From the Palacio de la Mareta (in Lanzarote) and, via Twitter, yesterday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, celebrated that the repatriation of the Spanish and the staff of the embassy in Afghanistan “is ongoing.” This was indicated minutes after the second Army aircraft, model A , took off from the Zaragoza base. M, after which he left at dawn on Tuesday and is already in Dubai waiting to reach Afghanistan. Regarding this, Sánchez assured that the Government of Spain “is coordinating all the procedures” to guarantee the safety of all the citizens whom the Spanish military will go to look for.

Thus, with a plane in Dubai, and another heading to the same Instead, the truth is that nothing has emerged about the repatriation of the Spanish embassy and the collaborators, who are still waiting at a Kabul airport, which opened its air traffic yesterday.

“From the pool” The Deputy Spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Hispán, criticized yesterday that the “unpredictability” of the Government with its actions in Afghanistan has consequences paid by “the weakest”, the diplomatic personnel, the police and the Afghans who collaborated with the Spanish army, as well as their families. According to Hispan, the management is being “chaotic”, and accused the Government of a lack of “transparency”, when there are other nations that have already carried out the repatriation.

The PP gives an example to other governments that have already managed to repatriate their delegations But -he continued-, the Government thinks that “from the pool of La Mareta international crises can be resolved”, alluding to the place where the president is on vacation. He also criticized that the Government is acting “with lurch”, as was seen last week when Minister Félix Bolaños said that at the moment there would be no repatriation of the Embassy.


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