Samsung Galaxy M32, analysis: Samsung's weapon to fight in the mid-range

Samsung Galaxy M 32, review: Samsung’s weapon for mid-range fighting

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Samsung Galaxy M 32, analysis: Samsung’s weapon to fight in the mid-range

Samsung Galaxy M 32, analysis: Samsung’s weapon to fight in the mid-range We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Samsung Galaxy M 037, analysis: Samsung’s weapon to fight in mid-range Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Samsung Galaxy M 32, analysis: Samsung’s weapon to fight in the mid-range

Samsung’s mid-range has improved considerably in quality, too expanded the number of models. Among them is the Samsung Galaxy M 32 , a phone with a generous screen and contained weight that does not offer a bad experience if you are looking for autonomy and multimedia playback . We have checked this during your review.

Choose a mid-range phone has become a complicated decision since, along the lines of 200 to the 350 euros, there are so many models that it is difficult to choose one . Samsung is one of the manufacturers that decided to populate that price range, the Galaxy A and Galaxy M hold the stake of brands such as Xiaomi and Realme. The Samsung Galaxy M 32 is a good sample.

Samsung Galaxy M data sheet 32



Super AMOLED 6.4 inches

Resolution Fu ll HD + (1.0 80 x 2. 400 pixels)

Refresh rate of 90 Hz

Gorilla Glass 5


MediaTek Helio G 80




95 GB expandable via microSD cards

Rear camera

74 megapixels, aperture f / 1.8
8 megapixel wide angle, aperture f / 2.2

5 megapixel depth, aperture f / 2.2
5 megapixel macro, aperture f / 2.4

Frontal camera

18 megapixels, aperture f / 2.0


5.000 mAh

Fast charge 25 W

System or perative

Android 10 + One UI 3.0


4G , Dual SIM, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5, NFC, USB-C, 3.5 mm jack


Side fingerprint reader

Dimensions and weight

159, 3 x 64 x 8.4 mm

180 grams


338 , 82 euros

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Samsung Galaxy M GB Memory Black

Nice design despite the plastic, also contained

The mobile that concerns us is a mid-range economic soul, so the exterior reflects this economy: plastic for the body, smooth contours and great lightness despite the dimensions of the panel . In hand it is appreciated of quality, it is manageable (in somewhat small hands it becomes somewhat more complicated) and it is quite fine. It is not a design that breaks schemes since it looks like many other Samsungs in its category, but it does not stop transmitting quality.

Clean front except for the upper cutout in the shape of a drop of water, frames that are not made exaggerated, the Samsung Galaxy M 32 equips a capacitive fingerprint reader on the side ( lacks precision, often you have to repeat the reading several times ), the power button is included under said reader, the volume buttons are slightly up and Samsung offers both connectivity or headphone like USB C, both on the bottom edge.

The Samsung Galaxy M 32 includes triple tray: allows you to use two SIM cards and one micro SD card simultaneously

The screen chosen is the best hardware component: the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel with refresh to 90 Hz raises the average quality of the phone with remarkable sharpness, very good color rendering , excellent viewing angles and a maximum brightness that, despite not being excessive outdoors, is valid to appreciate the screen at full daylight. Samsung lets you customize the panel temperature and choose between a rich or natural color mode. The second is well balanced (we recommend it).

If the screen sticks out from the middle of the phone, the sound also does the same. Samsung usually includes high-quality components even in its lower ranges, a detail that elevates the hearing performance in the Galaxy M 32. Wired Clear Powerful Sound Headphone Jack , Bluetooth Audio crisp and without too many codecs available (SBC, aptX, AAC and LDAC); with the reinforcement of Dolby Atmos as a finishing touch. It is not a delight to listen to music on this mobile (the external speaker does sound somewhat mediocre), but it is at a very good level considering the range of the Samsung Galaxy M 32.

Performance very weighed down for the price of the mobile

Screen and sound quite good, the design is nice despite the economy of materials. And here comes the most negative aspect of the Samsung Galaxy M 32: his performance. The MediaTek Helio G 80 , coupled with the heaviness of the cape One UI , they cause the phone to get stuck in transitions, it is noticeable something slow in the execution of apps and may experience slowdowns in games for which it should be trained.

It is not that the mobile is slow at all times, it is true that its performance is not at the level of what other brands offer for the same money (and for much less); which ends up penalizing the experience with the Samsung Galaxy M 32. With a cleanup in the number of apps and services running in the background, fluency would improve appreciably.

From left to right, Geekbench 5, 3D Mark Slingshot and PC Mark Work 3.0

Below are the results in the usual performance tests compared to other phones in its category.








MediaTek Helio G 080

MediaTek Dimensity 810

MediaTek Helio G 88

Snapdragon 780 G

Snapdragon 720 G

Average Dimensity 1200


6 GB

6 GB


8 GB

8 GB

12 GB


369 / one.330

551 / one.602

367 / one.200

798 / two.883

566 / one.709

806 / two.471





7 . 279


6. 814


8 . 748

9. 190

8.0 12

8. 814

8.0 41

If performance is poor, it is largely due to software load: Samsung Galaxy M 32 includes One UI 3.1 layer almost complete . I shouldn’t To be a disadvantage since this guarantees a huge amount of options, customization, Samsung Pay is available, the mobile offers face unlocking, and all the advantages of the Samsung account (including the Knox security layer). In contrast, the Galaxy M 32 lacks everything related to Bixby and does not include FM radio. As we have said, so much software penalizes performance (too many apps and services running in the background).

With the battery there are no complaints: all 5. 000 mAh of Samsung Galaxy M 32 give the phone enough life to extend its existence away from the socket beyond two days , even with intensive use. The economy of the phone works in its favor, also the restrictions of One UI 3.1 . And without the mobile becoming heavy, which is also important.

In theory the phone supports fast charging of 22 W, but in the box comes one of 15 W. This causes the plugged-in time to exceed two hours; with a half hour of charge that should give a day of use without problems . Below you have the specific times.

  • 5 minute charge : 4% battery.
  • 10 charge minutes : 15 % Of battery.

  • 18 charge minutes : 22 % Of battery.
  • 30 charge minutes : 32 % Of battery.
  • 48 charge minutes : 50 % Of battery.
  • Total : 1 hour and 58 minutes.

    Decent daytime photography, with problems when the light is weak

    The number of cameras does not imply a higher quality, this is law on mobiles. And, since the Samsung Galaxy M 32 is a mid-range of heart, the results in photography are kept within the discrete margins ; without disappointing in the photos, it is not a bad phone to point and shoot.

    The main camera performs its performance without excessive complication. With photos reduced to 16 megapixels since the 64 Original megapixels ( Pixel Binning ), the Samsung Galaxy M 32 suffers from dynamic range in situations where light contrasts are difficult . Although it includes Auto HDR, it often underexposes the dark areas of the image; a defect that is more frequently appreciated in night photos.

    The detail is good in abundant light, it decreases when the lighting decreases and it usually takes acceptable shots even when the camera app raises the ISO to gather the maximum possible illumination. Suffers from a certain tendency to saturate warm colors , especially reds and oranges (this is especially appreciated indoors).

    Samsung’s photography app remains very good level : the Galaxy M 32 includes manual adjustments, offers portrait mode (not bad cropping; bokeh is acceptable), does not dispense with night mode (results often worse than in automatic mode), includes macro ( dedicated camera; expendable) and even offers the drawings through augmented reality, an option inherited from the high-end Galaxy.

    The primary camera n or misbehaves and maintains the off-road essence. In contrast, the wide angle sees the benefits diminished without it being a dispensable camera : Less detail is offset by a much larger scene size. Also, the camera app corrects the optical deformation at the edges of the image well enough.

    Image taken indoors with plenty of natural light. In these cases the dynamic range is adequate and maintains sufficient detail at first glance. With some zoom, you can see the loss in the background elements.

    Great night shot of the Samsung Galaxy M 32. Balanced light, good dynamic range, enough detail even in the shadows and a color temperature nailed to reality.

    Shot with portrait mode. The Samsung Galaxy M 32 well detects the contours to apply a blur of background (adjustable in aperture) sufficiently natural. And keep the foreground detail.

    The front camera does not perform badly despite the watercolors and the loss of detail, especially below half light. Portrait mode is successful in cropping; with a bokeh that does not look too artificial.

    Below you have a sample of photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy M 32. If you want to see the images in their original size you can access the entire collection at this link to Google Photos .

    Samsung Galaxy M 32, the opinion of Xataka Móvil

    Our protagonist does not offer a bad overall experience, at least as long as he is not sued benefits. It is true that suffers certain slowdowns and that these can be constant in multitasking or in games with a certain graphic load , but that does not mean that it spoils its essence: offering the best of Samsung at a not very high price. For all those who want One UI at all costs, and are looking for a good screen along with great autonomy, the Samsung Galaxy M 32 is not a bad option.

    It is quite light, it does not become exaggerated and it does not spoil details such as the connector headset or triple SIM tray. Of course, it does not offer high-level photographic features ; without taking bad photos in favorable situations (with a certain tendency to underexposure).

    It is not a phone for which you are looking for power gross, it does stay balanced in everything else. With an extra software for those who appreciate all the functions that One UI offers

    The main problem of the Samsung Galaxy M 32 is not the phone itself, rather the competition, even within from Samsung’s own catalog: does not include specific details that make it stand out above other Galaxy M or Galaxy A of the same range . And it falls for benefits against rivals of Xiaomi or Realme, even more bar atos: if you are looking for power at all costs the Samsung Galaxy M 32 no it’s your mobile. On the contrary, it is a good recommendation if you appreciate One UI and your budget is not comfortable.


    Design 8

    Screen 8.5

    Performance 6.5

    Camera 6.5

    Software 7

    Autonomy 9

    In favor

    Good screen and refresh rate at 90 Hz.

  • The autonomy is brilliant.
    • Great sound and without losing the headphone jack.


    • Low performance for its price.
    • One UI is very heavy for mobile.
    • The fingerprint reader is not too accurate.

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    Samsung Galaxy M GB Memory Black

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