Safe home: the best cameras for video surveillance – RB

Safe home: the best cameras for video surveillance – RB

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Safe home: the best cameras for video surveillance – RB

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Safe home: the best cameras for video surveillance – RB

Home is the place where we should all feel safer. To make the house even quieter, it can sometimes be useful to install video surveillance cameras . Thanks to new technologies that have made it easier to use and to lower and lower prices, securing your home has become within everyone’s reach. There is no need for complex and expensive systems, you can do everything yourself, in a few minutes.

Before tackling the purchase of security cameras it is good to keep in mind that there are two types: for external and internal , depending on the perimeter you want to monitor. In addition, it is good to choose models that are easy to connect to computers and smartphones in order to access video surveillance with a few click and control home remotely.

Among the video surveillance cameras available on Amazon there are the models of Reolink. For the outside it is perfect the wireless Wi-Fi camera with rechargeable battery, with the high resolution from 1920 × 1080 and 6x digital zoom, provides a stream sharp and smooth video to better capture details. The starlight image sensor, can see up to 10 meters of night vision, while the sensor Smart PIR detects motion and triggers instant alerts via custom notifications.

A very similar model but solar powered is the Pan & Tilt model, which allows you to rotate the camera to 355 ° horizontally and 140 ° vertically and take advantage of the 6x digital zoom, offering a wide viewing angle and full coverage clearly, even at night.

Also suitable for outdoor surveillance is the camera Reolink Poe with intelligent detection of people and vehicles and Time- function. Lapse. This is an IP waterproof device 66 with IR night vision 30 m, Audio and Micro SD Card Slot, excellent for monitoring the movements around the house.


Reolink telecamera Poe da sterno con rilevamento di movimento

For the video surveillance of the interior of the house it is better to opt for smaller and more discreet cameras. Among the most purchased are the Blink Mini, the intelligent indoor security cameras, plug-in, compact, with HD video resolution at 1080 eg motion detection function. Very comfortable also because compatible with Alexa.

Very similar in functions, different in design is TP-Link the Wi-Fi camera for the interior or, with night vision and two-way audio, compatible with Alexa. You can control your home directly from the Amazon Echo Show, with voice commands, without lifting a finger.

All easy to install and with reduced prices, you can buy these cameras for video surveillance on Amazon.