Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB

Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB

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Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB

Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Sabrina Ferilli, who are the two men she married – RB

Sabrina Ferilli is going through a golden period , perhaps one of the most beautiful of her life, both from the point of professional rather than personal. The actress, in fact, has just been announced as one of the co-hosts of the Sanremo Festival 2022 and will join Amadeus in the most important evening, that of the final of the February 5th in which the winner of the 72 th edition of the singing festival will be announced. A choice, that of the artistic director and conductor, also dictated by the affection that the public has always had towards Ferilli and which has been strengthened even more in recent years.

Sabrina Ferilli, icon of beauty and sympathy

In fact, viewers and social media users were able to get to know a more authentic Sabrina, less set and less tied to the role of sex symbol that had been entrusted to her at the beginning of her career. Now she is a beautiful woman, aware of her charm, but not for this haughty or fake and the curtains she starred at Tu Sì Que Vales have proved it. Her new attitude is also due to a new emotional stability and serenity achieved since she met Flavio Cattaneo, her current husband.

But not everyone remembers that the actress before the manager had already been married.

Andrea Perone, who is the first husband of Sabrina Ferilli

The story between Sabrina Ferilli and Andrea Perone had held court for a long time on gossip weeklies, first for their overwhelming love and engagement, culminating in the wedding in 2003, then due to the sudden separation , only two years later.

The reason, according to what was rumored at the time, concerns the constant betrayal by her husband , including that with the then presenter of Buona Domenica Sara Varone, with whom Perone had been paparazzi. In 2005 therefore the stormy divorce, a particularly painful moment for the actress, who does not like to talk about that phase of her life.

Sabrina Ferilli, happiness rediscovered with Flavio Cattaneo

As for a strange design of fate, which at times compensates for the sufferings suffered with more fortunate encounters, shortly after the separation from Andrea Perone, Sabrina Ferilli Flavio Cattaneo, long-time manager known in the world of finance and entrepreneurship, having led prominent companies such as Telecom Italia, Generali Assicurazioni and Nuovo Trasporti Viaggiatori (the company that manages Italo Treno).

It is not clear how long after their first meeting the two got together, but after a few years of living together they decided to get married in 2011 with a secret but very romantic ceremony in Paris.

Flavio is a firm, solid and strong person, we are also very similar in this. We gave each other stability “, explained the actress to Corriere della Sera in one of the few interviews in which she spoke of her husband: the couple is in fact rather reserved and jealous of their privacy, which is why so it is difficult to find photos that portray them together in public events or on social networks. What is certain is that for the actress the meeting with Cattaneo represented a turning point and gave birth to a new chapter of her life, serene and full of satisfactions.